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Be Strong (previously Stand Strong USA or SSUSA) is a nonprofit organization designed to Stop Bullying among students in America. Bullying has become a pervasive and unwelcome reality among our youth today, and not just in our children’s schools but in the online world as well.

New Organization Name

Stand Strong USA is now Be Strong! This is a subtle but important change for two main reasons:

  1. Our research points to resilience. After surveying school communities and consulting experts, we decided to choose a name that promotes a message of emotional resilience.
  2. We want to empower all students. Students with disabilities who are being bullied and unable to “stand” can now embrace our “Be Strong” mantra. It is important to us that no one feels left out.
Stand Strong USA to become Be Strong™ New Logo

Be Strong is a youth empowerment organization committed to stop bullying through resilience education. We believe every student in America and beyond deserves to be taught life-saving social and emotional skills that will help them make friends, manage enemies, and live a meaningful life.

We’ve been able to reach well over 1 million students already, and 2016 is starting out strong with our new name and exciting new opportunities.

Please celebrate with us by sharing our new name and focused mission with your friends. Great things ahead! #BeStrong


To Stop bullying is our mission. Creating awareness for students and parents who identify themselves as needing help after hearing anti-bullying messages is our step one. To that end, we are developing a number of tools that form the Be Strong Digital Bridge, a set of digital tools that connects people of all ages with one-touch resources such as a lifelines, crisis text line, and trusted friends alert, a Smartphone App, an information portal, increased access to social resources as well as a growing team of volunteers prepared to spread the message of help and understanding to young people in need.

Depression, anxiety, and many other psychological problems, including fear, can result from school violence. What do we know about the relationship between students and mental illness? Training teachers and other school officials and qualified community volunteers to recognize signs that a student might need special attention or help.

Not all injuries are visible. Exposure to youth violence and school violence can lead to a wide array of negative health behaviors and outcomes, including alcohol and drug use, self harm and suicide.Through raising awareness, Be Strong strives to shine a light on these challenges, enhance knowledge about solutions and aggregate professional service providers to be available 24/7 on and off line.

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