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Make sure your school’s leadership team knows about upcoming events and get your administrators involved to sign up your school for one of the free simulcast opportunities to hear Nick Vujicic speak this November.

Latest Information Resources for Teachers

Resolutions or Resolve?

Last year I made a commitment to have resolve. Resolutions are a good beginning, but without resolve and conviction, they are just thoughts and hopes.

DIFF Charitable Eyewear Teams with Be Strong

Our Student Leadership President Joshua met with the founders of DIFF Charitable Eyewear. We are thrilled to announce that DIFF is supporting Be Strong’s work to stop bullying in 2017.

Pursuing Perfection

Pursuing perfection is worthwhile. But holding yourself up to perfection is entirely unrealistic. No one is perfect and that’s why life is interesting.

Adult Bullying and Prevention

Bullying is not just a teen problem. Practical advice to help you overcome adult bullying and to help in bullying prevention.

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