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Be Strong is committed to providing resources to help ALL schools to stop bullying. Our free simulcast events November 3rd thru the 6th, are a series of unique opportunities for 7th – College age students to tune in and participate during the live simulcasts of empowering speeches about bulling and the distinct challenges of being a teenage or college level student today.

There are several opportunities to connect to the live feed simulcast. Assuming the technology is in place, schools can provide the feed to each classroom and multiple auditoriums.  Some schools may use this program as part of their digital/distance learning day and provide a simulcast link to each student to watch remotely.

You can also share the simulcast link with parents, so they can also tune in.

Because the events are free and include a free interactive smartphone app for every student so they can participate during the events, we believe there’s no reason for any school in Florida would miss this incredible opportunity.

The first speaker for our launch in Florida this November is Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms or legs who has lived an extraordinary journey from day one. Nick turned his adversity into inspiration to help others. Our intent is to uplift entire communities by tackling the real-world issues of teen depression and suicide candidly discussing the devastating effects of bullying. The live events will be simulcast to school statewide in Florida and beyond.  Nick Vujicic’s powerful story is helping young people across the globe, and this is an opportunity to count your students among them.

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Here’s How Your School can Get Involved:

  • Sign Up for the Simulcast!
  • Once you have registered your school, we will be in touch to supply additional details about what to do next to receive the Be Strong simulcast of the Florida events.
  • Get other schools involved by sharing this website and information with them.

November 3rd-6th, 2015 Nick Vujicic will be in South Florida, engaging the local community with his message of hope. This set of Stand Strong USA events will be dedicated to candid conversations about tough topics like bullying, depression and suicide.

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