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About Be Strong

Be Strong is a nonprofit organization designed to Save Lives + End Bullying among students in America. Bullying has become a pervasive and unwelcome reality among our youth today, and not just in our children’s schools but in the online world as well.


Saving lives and ending bullying is our mission.Creating awareness for students and parents who identify themselves as needing help after hearing anti-bullying messages is our step one.To that end, we are developing a number of tools that form the Be Strong Digital Bridge, a set of digital tools that connects people of all ages with one-touch resources such as a lifelines, crisis text line, and trusted friends alert, a Smartphone App, an information portal, increased access to social resources as well as a growing team of volunteers prepared to spread the message of help and understanding to young people in need.

Depression, anxiety, and many other psychological problems, including fear, can result from school violence. What do we know about the relationship between students and mental illness? Training teachers and other school officials and qualified community volunteers to recognize signs that a student might need special attention or help.

Not all injuries are visible. Exposure to youth violence and school violence can lead to a wide array of negative health behaviors and outcomes, including alcohol and drug use, self harm and suicide.Through raising awareness, Be Strong strives to shine a light on these challenges, enhance knowledge about solutions and aggregate professional service providers to be available 24/7 on and off line.

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  • California Department of Education Support Letter – Be Strong
  • Los Angeles County Office of Education Support Letter – Be Strong
  • Gov. Rick Scott Support Letter – Stand Strong USA
  • Congresswoman Ileana Ross-Leighton Support Letter – Stand Strong USA
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools Endorsement Letter – Stand Strong USA

Our Current News & Press Releases

Madison and Tre Become State Reps and Launch #inmyownskin Challenge

Madison Haulter and her boyfriend Tre Booker went viral and inspired thousands by how they gracefully shut down the trolls who body-shamed their prom photos. We're excited to announce that Tre and Madison have joined Be Strong to be our Indiana State Representatives....

Student of the Month – Florida State Rep JJ

“I am a leader. I refuse to let what others say about me, define me.” -JJ Jesula Jeannot, of Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, FL has been nominated as our Be Strong student of the month. As a 12th grader, JJ has already developed a reputation for helping others...

DIFF Charitable Eyewear Teams with Be Strong

Our Student Leadership President Joshua met with the founders of DIFF Charitable Eyewear. We are thrilled to announce that DIFF is supporting Be Strong’s work to stop bullying in 2017.

We Are Strong!

Be Strong launches a global campaign to include people from all over the world to raise their voices. Join the movement and submit a video!

[Press Release] Stand Strong USA Launches Digital Bridge

Local Support Screen samples from the SSUSA App FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., October 29, 2015 -- Stand Strong USA (SSUSA), a non-profit aiming to Save Lives + End Bullying announced today a set of online tools that form the SSUSA Digital Bridge, a collection of digital...

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