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Be Strong is a nonprofit organization designed to Save Lives + End Bullying among students in America. Bullying has become a pervasive and unwelcome reality among our youth today, and not just in our children’s schools but in the online world as well.

Empowering youth to be the change they want to see in our world through hope and resiliency training. Not all aggressive behavior is qualified as bullying, our step one is to create awareness for students, parents/guardians, teachers and administrators to identify what bullying actually is providing a safe place for students to reveal the challenges that they are facing. Providing them with support and resources when social injustice issues occur. To that end, we are meeting them where they are by developing and implementing a number of tools that form the Be Strong Digital Bridge, a set of digital tools that connects people of all ages with one-touch resources such as a suicide lifeline, text line, and trusted friends alert, a Smartphone App, an information portal, increased access to social resources as well as a growing team of Be Strong Student Leaders prepared to spread the message of help, support and understanding to young people in need.

Depression, anxiety, and many other psychological challenges, can result from bullying, and exposure to violence can lead to a wide array of negative behaviors and outcomes, including alcohol and drug use, self-harm and suicide, arrests and gun violence. We therefore support training teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and qualified community volunteers to help recognize signs that a student might need special attention.

Through heightened awareness, community advocacy and youth empowerment, Be Strong strives to shine a light on social environment safety and acceptance, enhance knowledge about the resources available and aggregate professional service providers. Join the Be Strong Movement.

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Our Current News & Press Releases

South Charleston Middle School Students Assigned Seats at Lunch for a Cause

One Kanawha County middle school is taking a proactive approach to bullying prevention. They’re doing that by mixing up the seats in the lunchroom and making sure that no one sits alone. “Just looking at other people and seeing that they’re not sitting alone, it makes me feel 100 times better,” said Allie Rosen, who’s the Student State Representative for [Be Strong].

Worthless or Worth More?

As the years passed, getting bullied resulted in me becoming a bully. As a bully I was always ostracized from clubs, gatherings, and school assemblies which was like adding gas to fire. Historically, only students who were well behaved attended assemblies and social events. My negative behavior prevented school-based and community organizations from including me in their activities. This, in turn, made me feel invisible.

We Dine Together Becomes Popular at Oregon City High School

Shaylee Cooper, OCHS sophomore class president, only set up the innovative program in
partnership with the school resource officers for the district at the beginning of this month. We
Dine Together is an initiative within Be Strong’s Student State Representative program, and Cooper is Oregon’s student representative.

‘Enough is Enough’: Be Strong Student State Rep Addresses School Board Following Parkland Shooting

It’s nerve-wracking for anybody to stand in a room full of strangers and capture their attention for several minutes, but Be Strong Student State Rep Theresa DeMayo, a 16-year-old resident of The Woodlands did exactly that at the Feb. 20 Conroe ISD board meeting to talk about the Feb. 14 school shooting in Florida, and how she feels bullying may have played a role in the tragedy.

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