I Am a Parent

Get involved in your child’s life by asking questions and meeting with teachers and monitor the content of their online life. Tune into one of our free simulcast events November 3rd thru the 6th and learn from these empowering speeches about bulling and the distinct challenges of being a teenage or college level student today

Latest Information Resources for Parents

Help Your Fellow Human

People often become bystanders when there are others who need help. Choosing to help can make a big difference simply by alleviating someone’s worries and assuring that everything’s going to be okay.

The Power of Connection

Connections are how relationships are formed. Just as little as a few minutes to connect with another person can create meaningful and genuine relationships.

Resolutions or Resolve?

Last year I made a commitment to have resolve. Resolutions are a good beginning, but without resolve and conviction, they are just thoughts and hopes.

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