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The best way to end bullying and prevent teen suicide is to do something about it…

I Am a Parent

Get involved in your child’s life by asking questions, meeting with teachers and awareness of their online life…

I Am a Teacher

Make sure your school’s leadership team knows about upcoming events and get your administrators…

I Am a School Admin

Be Strong is committed to providing resources to help schools to stop bullying…

I Am a Social Service Provider

Working with young people is among the most rewarding and important roles in our society…

I Want to Volunteer

Help us to affect the lives of those who are in need of support…

I Want to Become a Sponsor

Make a lasting impact in the lives of teens by sponsoring a Be Strong event…


Your experiences with bullying can help us to do a better job at providing resources where they are needed.  Be a part of the process by participating in one or more of the shared learning resources below!


We’re asking individuals, small and medium size businesses, corporate America, foundations and strategic technology providers to invest in productive social change in a new way.

Your organization can help immediately by sharing the Be Strong link on-line and have a powerful viral impact today. Our goal in 2016 is to reach at least 1,000,000 students through live events at high schools and middle schools, with simulcasts provided statewide in cooperation with the Los Angeles Department of Education.

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Most Recent Learning Resources

Help Your Fellow Human

People often become bystanders when there are others who need help. Choosing to help can make a big difference simply by alleviating someone’s worries and assuring that everything’s going to be okay.

The Power of Connection

Connections are how relationships are formed. Just as little as a few minutes to connect with another person can create meaningful and genuine relationships.

Resolutions or Resolve?

Last year I made a commitment to have resolve. Resolutions are a good beginning, but without resolve and conviction, they are just thoughts and hopes.

Cyberbullying Coping Guide

If you or someone you know has been a target of cyberbullying, this cyberbullying coping guide will help you overcome in 5 practical ways.

Pursuing Perfection

Pursuing perfection is worthwhile. But holding yourself up to perfection is entirely unrealistic. No one is perfect and that’s why life is interesting.

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