Ashleigh Cromer

Ashleigh Cromer

Executive Director

Cromer is a born storyteller and has always believed that communication has the power to change the world. She started her career in the entertainment industry as the executive assistant to the head of a motion picture studio.

Prior to devoting her mission full-time to Be Strong, Cromer conceptualized, produced and led successful tours supported by world class athletes, entertainers and sponsors, focused entirely on perseverance. On and off the road you would find her creating on the sets of major films, broadcast and digital projects, music videos and her happiest place in the recording studio working with top tier clients and talent. Her last role was in corporate social responsibility utilizing her skills as a corporate marketer. There, she led the disruption and charge in designing and activating communication that humanizes social impact investments, leading to award winning programming. Clients included global non-profits and F500 companies.

Being a change agent and champion for children has been an active mission throughout Cromer’s life. She was adopted out of the foster system at a young age – overcoming adversity with fierce determination to utilize communication to change the world, believing there is mighty strength in turning your pain into purpose. This fierce impulse to fight for others comes out in the way she interacts with her partners and with her core team: advocacy for justice and fairness, wild encouragement, fierce determination; and a kind of dare-me-to-stop mischief-making.

But the place it really matters most is that it’s at the heart of her job: building and leading a movement that fights for students who have no voice, and for their families and peers.

Cromer is a music lover – American Idol auditions in her late teens, super-fan touching Bob Dylan’s boot at a concert and Slash playing air guitar to her singing in the street. If you challenge her to music trivia, she will win.

Two men hold her heart, her adoring husband Matt and her sweet pit bull King Karl.

RonO Polito

RonO Polito

Chief Technology Officer

RonO’s vast experience in technology, production, event management, advertising and digital convergence creates a dynamic combination that has helped him to earn recognition as one of the pioneers of today’s technology revolution.

RonO has advised multimedia production companies on how to incorporate interactive media, future IT strategy, and Dconvergent technology into various media channels, fueling their businesses. Over the years, his creative, technical and management skills have been sought after by countless advertising agencies.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, RonO was entrusted with producing the State of Technology address. Through the use of interactive media, live webcasting and Dconvergent technology, this media event allowed the world to see why the State of Florida had become the leader in utilizing the latest in technology to run state government. Before this, RonO produced a full-scale public relations campaign, along with a national media event, that simultaneously branded and launched MyFlorida.com as the official state portal for Florida’s citizens and state employees to interact with state government.

In addition to serving as Be Strong’s Chief Technology Officer, RonO’s heart and technological expertise also serve America’s first responders, as the co-founder of the Thank You First Responder Organization.

Student Leadership

Joshua Apparicio

Joshua Apparicio

President, Student State Representative Program

My Name is Joshua Apparicio, President of Be Strong’s Student Representative Program.

I am a 14-year-old Honor Roll student with a 4.0 GPA, currently attending Santa Monica Community College to exercise my academic curiosity. My passion is empowering my peers, after experiencing several years of bullying in school.
Being bullied while growing up was a difficult road to traverse, but from it, came my desire to speak to young people, encouraging them to persevere. If I didn’t maintain the mental fortitude I had while attending public school, I don’t believe I would have made it this far. I finally feel I belong in a classroom setting.

At the age of five, I was introduced to Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and took it upon myself to make a difference concerning equality for all. My goal is to become a civil rights attorney. I feel that educating myself in this abstract field is the best thing I can do.
I am a Contributing Youth Writer for the Los Angeles Sentinel and have been a published poet since I was seven years old.

“I will continue to invest in myself to ensure a much brighter tomorrow.” – Joshua Apparicio

Please meet Joshua’s fellow student leaders from the United States and Canada.

Advancement Team

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes

Program Director

Matt is the heart of Be Strong’s relationships with schools, education leaders, and our student leadership program, as well as the point person for Be Strong’s programs and community management – keeping staff and community informed and supported, in order to mobilize.

Prior to joining Be Strong, Matt grew up in rural Kentucky where the biggest claim to fame was “drive your tractor to school day.” After a decade of data management in Louisville, Kentucky he spread his wings and landed in South Florida where you can now find him gardening year-round.

Matt is passionate about connecting students and education leaders to the sustainable resources available through Be Strong that he, himself, needed as a young person. He can also be found running around Be Strong events, supporting every effort, smiling from ear to ear.

Denis Estimon

Denis Estimon

Outreach Coordinator

Denis Estimon immigrated to the U.S. from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, when he was in the first grade. Not being able to communicate with his classmates, Denis knows what it feels like to be isolated. Now, Denis makes it his life purpose to make sure no kid has to feel the way he felt. During his senior year in high school, Denis and his friends launched We Dine Together for the sole purpose of combating social isolation. The story reached over 20 Million people after CBS featured the story and the work done by the students.

Estimon is stepping into his new role at Be Strong, while currently enrolled at Everglades University, Majoring in Business. We Dine Together aimed to provide a proactive solution to one of the leading top-five safety, health and social issues. While the program began to grow, Estimon realized the work needed structure and a scalable model with sustainable tools. Enter Be Strong. We Dine Together is now part of the fabric of Be Strong’s comprehensive approach.

Denis aims to promote the message of unity, love and inclusion as a speaker, activist, influencer and now Director at Be Strong.

Tiarsha Harrison

Tiarsha Harrison

Associate | Creative & Program Support

Tiarsha was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. She moved to South Florida in her teenage years, where she attended G-Star School of the Arts & Studios, the country’s state-of-the-art performing high school. Often feeling isolated and experiencing anxiety as a student, she discovered that writing was a form of expression and therapy. Tiarsha graduated from Lynn University with a bachelors in multimedia journalism. She loves children and was able to showcase her love as a teacher,and gained the utmost respect for the role of a teacher in a student’s life. Tiarsha is bringing her passion for kids, writing, and the need to support our teachers more, to her role at Be Strong.

Tiarsha is a published writer, specializing in African American women’s empowerment, inclusion, and world change. Her love for her yorky, Bio, knows no bounds; though he sounds like a pig when he barks, Tiarsha will never let you tell him that.

Allie Janay

Allie Janay

Creative Associate

Allie is sitting at the intersection of purpose and culture – specializing in building community and connection, in-person and online.

After experiencing anxiety and isolation, Allie and her friends founded ‘We Dine Together’ (now Be Strong’s student-led program) at Boca High during her junior year. She has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper, and in the 2018 Super Bowl opening commercial for her efforts and impact.

While pursuing a degree in marketing, she supports leadership by creating emotionally-resonant creative, that brings Be Strong’s community and story to life.

Aliana Maingot

Aliana Maingot

Program Manager

Aliana was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She realized the importance of a healthy school community because she did not have that, herself, in Jamaica. Following graduation, Aliana found herself volunteering more and more with young people. She is currently enrolled at Palm Beach State College, pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work, with the belief that this education will help her thrive and grow at Be Strong.

Aliana is a food lover and pursuing a sponsorship from Chipotle, so she can eat Mexican everyday. Though they haven’t answered her requests, she remains hopeful.

Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore

Program Support

Matthew was born and raised in South Florida. From an early age, he has celebrated the differences in all people and believes in the power of each person’s story. From building relationships at school with special needs students, to traveling the world to volunteer in many different capacities, Matthew’s heart is for humans.

His passion for the efforts and impact of Be Strong originates from his own personal experience during middle school. Matthew encountered severe bullying and cyberbullying, which led him to a journey of overall health and purpose.

Following high school, Matthew enrolled in university pursuing a degree in film. As a storyteller and story-hunter, he’s a valuable member of the programming team, seeking out the next overcomers to become strong leaders on their school campuses – and beyond.

He’s also hilarious, so if you need a laugh, he’s a good place to start.

Charity Urbaez

Charity Urbaez

Program Support

Charity was born and raised in South Florida. Years of seeing her peers – and herself – struggle within their community stirred in her a passion for reaching teens and teaching them how to connect with each other and the world around them in a healthy way. This has led to over 12 years of volunteering with students and working alongside them, as they figure out how to navigate the world and what their place in that world looks like. She believes every person has value and purpose, and believes Be Strong’s mission is the catalyst for change.

Charity loves to read and is a Potterhead in every way. To this day, this Gryffindor is still waiting for her Hogwart’s acceptance letter.

Eduardo Hernandez

Eduardo Hernandez

User Experience Designer, Humanisity

Ed is a User Experience Designer, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Active Volunteer.

He is the founder of Humanisity, a software company dedicated to social good. He is also part owner of a positive clothing company called Live for It All with his brother. He has helped design digital experiences for companies like Office Depot & Modernizing Medicine and has worked on projects for AT&T, and BlackBerry. He has also worked for companies like Tesla Motors & Apple Inc.

Joining Be Strong is something he believes was a blessing & a gift. To be able to help the next generation in a way that wasn’t available to him.

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