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Be Strong needs YOU and thanks YOU – Working with young people is among the most rewarding and important roles in society. We need the survivors, the allies, the bullies and social service providers to unite for us all to experience restorative change. We know that it can be overwhelming to know what to do when faced with bullying – so we have crafted this simple checklist to get you started in positively disrupting your home, your classroom, your school, and your community!

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Social Service Provider Reousorces

Latest Information Resources for Social Service Providers

Be Strong is Better With Jacob Sartorius

With the understanding that everybody encounters social aggression somewhere, sometime, Jacob Sartorius chooses to use his voice to help, stating, “If you don’t use your platform for good, why have one?”

How Can I Educate My Child on Bullying?

There are times that joking crosses a line and a child may not know they are being bullied, or in an attempt to keep a friend or seem cool, they may keep their pain silent.

Why am I Feeling so Down Lately?

Studies show that during the winter months, lack of sunlight, dark clouds and drop in temperatures can kick off the “winter blues.”

Understanding Hating

When someone is hating on you, they’re trying to get a reaction out of you for their own personal enjoyment.

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