Joshua Apparicio

Joshua Apparicio

President, Student State Representative Program

My Name is Joshua Apparicio, President, of Be Strong Student Representatives Program. I am 12 years old, an Honor Roll Student with a GPA of 4.0.

Joshua is a published poet (he was first published at age 7) while experiencing bullying. He recently took his SATs – yes, the ones you’re supposed to take when you’re 16. You could say Joshua has a very bright future. As ​he​ move​s​ forward, sharing ​his ​story of being bullied, no longer a victim but victorious, now able to invigorate and empower others using ​his​ cynosure. ​Joshua​ was interviewed by Scott Colby, Founder of, “Say it with Gratitude,” where ​he​ was able to use ​his​ art as a tool to play it forward with gratitude, as a result of being bullied, to encourage others not to give up on themselves, and focus on their studies.  ​Joshua​ is sweet​, ​compassionate and brilliant.” He stated, “Human compassion is the active ingredient of healing hurt.”At the moment my hobbies are building robots in a STEM Class he’s taking, writing short fiction stories, writing poetry, which puts ​him​ in a happy place, preparing for speaking engagements empowering youth, as it relates to one day eradicating bullying, videotaping and editing ​his​ wrestling matches recreating different eras, lastly enjoy​ing​ playing the Violin for recreation because of the peace it brings.  ​

Joshua​ continue​s​ to focus on ​his​ studies which ​he​ know​s​ is preparing ​him​ for ​the​ future.  Fighting in school was never an option​. Joshua prefer​ed​ taking a more productive route, to obtain positive achievements. Change is not always easy, but more often than not, can certainly help with a more positive outcome.

“I think being kind to others is an important piece in the puzzle of change.”-Joshua Apparicio.

I have been bullied for so long I understand the importance to encourage my generation to stop standing by and looking on while someone is being bullied. As I grow older I would like to continue working with The Be Strong Movement and school administrators to implement and exercise a true, zero tolerance, bully-free school environment. The Be Strong Movement gave me the freedom to have a voice, which has helped me tremendously. I know bullying cannot be totally eradicated, but we can certainly continue to have conversations, one voice at a time. I would like to be a part of developing positive behavior, and attitudes within schools which will improve leadership skills. In addition to that, I had the sublime opportunity to speak before teenagers experiencing bullying, at West Los Angeles College 2017.​

Roy Moore

Roy Moore

Founder & CEO

Roy Moore, founder of Be Strong, is compelled to save and transform lives among our next generation by addressing the challenges of bullying and suicide. While Roy observed, and felt, the pain of bullying and suicide among family and friends, he was moved to action upon reading the CDC Teen Risk Behavior Surveillance report that indicated that 19.6 % of our 9th through 12th grade students were bullied on school property and 8% had attempted suicide one or more times in the past twelve months.

Before establishing Be Strong, Roy was a successful entrepreneur, having established, built, bought, and sold several businesses over a 25 year career in a variety of fields including smart grid, telecom infrastructure, consumer chemicals, and RF engineering. Before pursuing an entrepreneurial path, Mr. Moore worked as a consultant at the MAC Group where he conducted assignments for leaders at Apple, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, France Telecom, Southwestern Bell, and other notable firms.

Moore received an MBA with honors and earned the Shermet Award from the University of Virginia and a BBA cum laude from Texas Christian University.

Ashleigh Cromer

Ashleigh Cromer

Executive Director

Ashleigh channels her energy, passion and positive attitude into many areas of entertainment, with a core competence in relationship building, fundraising, corporate sponsorship, sports management, film financing, experiential events, brand enhanced entertainment, music, television and cause marketing.

Ashleigh previously served as the Vice President of Social Responsibility Division and the creator of Brandstar’s ‘Be The Change’ series, and ‘Live Life Forward’ national TV show.Ashleigh was a Senior Producer at BrandStar when the idea came to her to leverage the company’s award-winning shows to be an even greater vehicle for impacting people’s lives by showing how brands, through social responsibility, can impact a person’s decisions and cause change for the better.

Cromer has worked with top tier partners and clients ranging from CARE International, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, The Clorox Company, MetLife Foundation, Honeywell Hometown Solutions,DefJam Records, American Idol, and Liberty University. 

Ashleigh says, “My passion is utilizing the gifts that have been given to me…with the belief that the entertainment business is the largest soap box the world has to offer. It offers a great opportunity and simultaneously a responsibility to the type of education and impact you provide for your viewer no matter the screen”.

Over the years, Ashleigh has carried her mission of making the world a better place outside the workplace and into the community with her volunteer work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Salvation Army, Compassion International, Impacting Hearts and with the Perseverance Tour she co-created that traveled the country to encourage people of all ages to further their dreams no matter the obstacles.

RonO Polito

RonO Polito

Chief Technology Officer

RonO’s vast experience in Production, Event Management, Advertising and Digital Convergence creates a dynamic combination that has helped him to earn recognition as one of the pioneers of today’s technology revolution.

As a respected member of the production, advertising and technology community, RonO has advised staff at Oprah’s Harpo Productions about how to incorporate interactive media, future IT strategy, and Dconvergent technology into the various media channels of their business.

During the 2000 presidential campaign the State of Florida hired RonO to produce the State of Technology address for Governor Jeb Bush. Through the use of interactive media, live webcasting and Dconvergent technology, this media event allowed the world to see why the State of Florida had become the leader in utilizing the latest in technology to run state government.

Before this event, RonO produced a full-scale public relations campaign, along with a national media event, that simultaneously branded and launched MyFlorida.com as the official state portal for Florida’s citizens and state employees to interact with state government.

Over the years, RonO’s creative, technical and management skills have been sought after by advertising agencies BBDO/Chicago, Chiat Day, DDB Needham, and others, to act as producer to create commercials for McDonald’s, Kahlua, Chevy, Equal, KFC, Sears, and Sony, to name a few.

Previously, RonO served as Executive Producer for Swell, where from 1988 until 1998 he guided a small business into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. His leadership and innovation with marketing, facility management, and technology implementation transformed Swell to become the leader of the postproduction community of Chicago.

In the early 1990s, before the concept of nonlinear editing was accepted and understood in the advertising and film community, RonO blazed the trail with a company called AVID Technology, which is now the standard by which most films, music videos, commercials and television shows are creatively edited. Becoming one of the first to embrace and incorporate the idea of creatively editing commercials and films with a computer, Ron led the way to placing the technology into the mainstream of the Chicago production and advertising market.

Currently, RonO is a partner at Smarter Story, specializing in Public Relations, Government Relations, Media and Digital Convergence, serves as Chief Technology Officer for the anti-bullying organization Be Strong, Executive Producer of RainUp and Pivotal Pictures in Chicago and co-founder of the Thank You First Responder Organization. He is also well-known in the music industry as a tour, production or stage manager for acts such as Ezra Furman and the Harpoons, The Redwalls, The Fray, Liz Phair, The Freddy Jones Band, Andrew Bird and The Whigs.

Chanty Figueroa

Chanty Figueroa

Director, Operations & Advancement

Chanty joins Be Strong with a track record of over 15 years of proven success in logistics, sales, marketing and fundraising. She has brought success to every organization she has been a part of, both large and small.

Even from a young age, Chanty has always been a strong, Latin woman who was devoted to standing up for those who had no voice. Her family originated from the Puerto Rico, which is where her drive to succeed derives from; there were countless times throughout the various stages of her life where she was told “No” or “You can’t” based solely on her appearance, and each time proving not only that she could, but that she could excel.

Her drive and motivation to join Be Strong comes from her two boys both of whom attend middle school in South Florida. She has firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day struggles our youth faces both on and off school grounds and recognizes the importance of taking a stance for them and every other child across the country.

Raxon Phoenix

Raxon Phoenix

Advancement Associate

Raxon brings diverse talents and superb interpersonal skills to Be Strong.  Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Raxon questioned what she wanted out of life and ultimately made the decision to move to Florida in 2001.  After her first year, she completed her AA in Psychology at Broward College and her BA in Industrial Psychology.

With a track record of 7+ years of proven success in logistics, business development and project management through various forms, exceeding expectations while bringing out of the box thinking to the process.

Her heart for the work of Be Strong originates in her own personal experience coming to the United States of America and experiencing social and racial injustices.  Now as a mother she’s decided to apply her talents to improve the country she has grown to love in a sustainable way. Be Strong enters.

Elan Morrison

Elan Morrison

Creative Ambassador

Elan Morrison  is an accomplished American music producer and songwriter. He has created a successful career producing, engineering and writing for artists such as Dr. Dre, Slash, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Bones, Brandy, Booker T, E3, Boot Camp Clique, Prophet & DJ Skittles, Ray J, Seal, Slayer, Toni Braxton, and Tres along with corporate clientele including Hummer, Mercedes-Benz, Motorola, Sony & more.

Elan is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and has since split his time between New York, South Florida and Los Angeles, connecting with some of the greatest musicians and artists of our time along with way. Elan brings his unique sound to all of his music – a distinct style that has helped define multiple award winning projects.

Elan began his professional career in his early teens as a sought-after DJ in the east coast underground scene, where his talents brought him nationwide attention and acclaim. Almost overnight, he began booking shows for some of the biggest names in turntablism (DJ Obert, DJ Craze, DJ Skittles, and Deisel Boy) at major venues such as Webster’s Hall and Spirit in New York City, The East and Harpers Fairy in Boston, Aka Lounge in Orlando, Higher Ground in Burlington, Va and Atlanta’s Tabernacle to name a few.
Elan has since produced for highly acclaimed clients at studio 56 in Hollywood, as well as other prestigious recording studios including Studio 56, the Record plant, Sunset Sound, Encore, Mad Dog, “Umrk”, Westlake, Cherokee, Ocean Way, Paramount, Ameraycan, Electric Lady, Quad Studios and the Hit Factory.

In 2011-12 you could find Elan working at Frank Zappa’s legendary “Umrk” Studio where Elan co/ produced, mixed and wrote for artists such as Bobby Brown, Macy Gray, Frank Zappa (Penguins In Bondage -1974 live in Chicago), DMC (Noise Revolution), Mc Lyte, India Arie, Chino Xl, Wayne Static, Matt Sorum, Simbu Str, Dirty Diamond Band and more.

Elan currently resides in Hollywood California.

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