Executive Team

Joshua Apparicio

Joshua Apparicio

President, Student State Representative Program

My name is Joshua Apparicio, President of Be Strong’s Student Representative Program. I am 14 years old, an Honor Roll student with a 4.0 GPA.

I have been bullied long enough to understand the importance of encouraging my generation to stop standing by, stop looking on, while someone is being bullied. As I grow older, I would like to continue working with Be Strong and school administrators to create and celebrate school environments without bullying. The Be Strong movement gave me the freedom to have a voice, which has helped me tremendously. I know bullying cannot be totally eradicated, but we can certainly continue to have conversations, one voice at a time. It’s important to help each another realize that despite our adversities, we are not victims. I would like to be a part of developing positive behavior and attitudes within schools, which will improve students’ leadership skills.

I’m a published poet, first published at age 7. My hobbies include building robots in STEM class, writing fictional short stories, poetry, public speaking, and playing the Violin because of the peace it brings me

 “I think being kind to others is an important piece in the puzzle of change.”– Joshua Apparicio

Ashleigh Cromer

Ashleigh Cromer

Executive Director

Before devoting her mission full-time to Be Strong, Cromer served as the Vice President of Social Responsibility at an award-winning television branding organization. There, she lead the charge in designing and activating communication that humanizes social impact investments – to inspire action, while tracking and delivering return for business function and impacting society. Clients included CARE International, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, The Clorox Company, MetLife Foundation, Honeywell and Denny’s.

Cromer created Lifetime’s: ‘Reclaim Your Life’ series, ‘Be The Change’ series and ‘Live Life Forward’ national TV show.

Being a change agent and champion for children has been an active mission throughout Cromer’s life. She was adopted out of the foster system at a young age – overcoming adversity with fierce determination to utilize communication to change the world, believing there is mighty strength in turning your pain into purpose.

Cromer is a music lover – American Idol auditions in her late teens, super-fan touching Bob Dylan’s boot at a concert and Slash playing air guitar to her singing in the street. If you challenge her to music trivia, she will win.

Denis Estimon

Denis Estimon

Director | Founder & CEO, We Dine Together

Denis Estimon immigrated to the U.S. from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, when he was in the first grade. Not being able to communicate with his classmates, Denis knows what it feels like to be isolated. Now, Denis makes it his life purpose to make sure no kid has to feel the way he felt. During his senior year in high school, Denis and his friends launched We Dine Together for the sole purpose of combating social isolation. The story reached over 20 Million people after CBS featured the story and the work done by the students.

Estimon is stepping into his new role at Be Strong, while currently enrolled at Everglades University, Majoring in Business. We Dine Together aimed to provide a proactive solution to one of the leading top-five safety, health and social issues. While the program began to grow, Estimon realized the work needed structure and a scalable model with sustainable tools. Enter Be Strong. We Dine Together is now part of the fabric of Be Strong’s comprehensive approach.

Denis aims to promote the message of unity, love and inclusion as a speaker, activist, influencer and now Director at Be Strong.

RonO Polito

RonO Polito

Chief Technology Officer

RonO’s vast experience in Production, Event Management, Advertising and Digital Convergence creates a dynamic combination that has helped him to earn recognition as one of the pioneers of today’s technology revolution.

As a respected member of the production, advertising and technology community, RonO has advised staff at Oprah’s Harpo Productions about how to incorporate interactive media, future IT strategy, and Dconvergent technology into the various media channels of their business.

During the 2000 presidential campaign the State of Florida hired RonO to produce the State of Technology address for Governor Jeb Bush. Through the use of interactive media, live webcasting and Dconvergent technology, this media event allowed the world to see why the State of Florida had become the leader in utilizing the latest in technology to run state government. Before this event, RonO produced a full-scale public relations campaign, along with a national media event, that simultaneously branded and launched MyFlorida.com as the official state portal for Florida’s citizens and state employees to interact with state government.

Over the years, RonO’s creative, technical and management skills have been sought after by advertising agencies BBDO/Chicago, Chiat Day, DDB Needham, and others, to act as producer to create commercials for McDonald’s, Kahlua, Chevy, Equal, KFC, Sears, and Sony, to name a few.

Currently, RonO is a partner at Smarter Story, specializing in Public Relations, Government Relations, Media and Digital Convergence, serves as Chief Technology Officer for the anti-bullying organization Be Strong, Executive Producer of RainUp and Pivotal Pictures in Chicago and co-founder of the Thank You First Responder Organization.

William D. Weyrowski, P.A.

William D. Weyrowski, P.A.

General Council

William Weyrowski operates a boutique law firm where he focuses on providing general counsel services for start-up and emerging businesses, as well as catering to the advertising and entertainment industries.  With a primary focus on brand development, advertising compliance and transactional matters, his firm works with clients in a true business consultant capacity to help businesses get up and running and throughout the development and growth stages.

Weyrowski, a Michigan native, received a B.A.degree from the University of North Carolina in 1997, as well as a M.B.A. focusing on international business from the University of North Carolina in 2001.  In 2006, he received a J.D. degree cum laude from St. Thomas University School of Law, where he was a member of the Law Review and also Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper Plead the Fifth. In 2009, Weyrowski received an L.L.M. in international taxation from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

When not in the office, Weyrowski is an avid outdoorsman, and frequently travels with his wife Naomi, and their 10 year old daughter Sofia.  He also understands the importance of giving back to the community, and has been actively involved with several charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity,  American Heart Association, National MS Society, and several animal rescue organizations.

Advancement Team

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes

Program Director

Matt is the heart of Be Strong’s relationships with schools, education leaders, and our student leadership program, answering questions, facilitating interviews and streamlining the application process. He is also the point person for our database, keeping staff informed and partner information current.

Prior to joining Be Strong, Matt grew up in rural Kentucky where the biggest claim to fame was “drive your tractor to school day.” After a decade of data management in Louisville, Kentucky he spread his wings and landed in South Florida where you can now find him grilling year-round.

Matt is passionate about connecting students and education leaders to the sustainable resources available. He can also be found running around Be Strong events and supporting every effort before being asked, with a huge smile. Some might say he’s the muscle and the brains.

Zeke Kemp

Zeke Kemp

Program Support

Zeke was born in Starke, FL. Following graduation he found himself spending most of his time investing in leading outreach groups to accomplish sustainable work in his local community. From leading efforts with youth to feed the homeless, build lasting relationships, and sharing his overcoming story to inspire the next generation. Zeke believes in the youth today and desires to continue his path of investing in them, that’s why he’s joined Be Strong.

Oscar Jaimes

Oscar Jaimes

Program Support

Oscar was born in Bogota, Colombia. Realizing the importance of community and the value of long lasting, genuine relationships while in high school, he was drawn to the We Dine Together club on campus. Oscar now aspires to help the next generation to carry out their visions and meet their full potential. Believing in Be Strong’s ability to empower students and by sharing his story, he knows that will be made possible.

Creative Team

Eduardo Hernandez

Eduardo Hernandez

User Experience Designer, Humanisity

Ed is a User Experience Designer, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Active Volunteer.

He is the founder of Humanisity, a software company dedicated to social good. He is also part owner of a positive clothing company called Live for It All with his brother. He has helped design digital experiences for companies like Office Depot & Modernizing Medicine and has worked on projects for AT&T, and BlackBerry. He has also worked for companies like Tesla Motors & Apple Inc.

Joining Be Strong is something he believes was a blessing & a gift. To be able to help the next generation in a way that wasn’t available to him.

Elan Morrison

Elan Morrison

Creative Ambassador

Elan Morrison  is an accomplished American music producer and songwriter. He has created a successful career producing, engineering and writing for artists such as Dr. Dre, Slash, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Bones, Brandy, Booker T, E3, Boot Camp Clique, Prophet & DJ Skittles, Ray J, Seal, Slayer, Toni Braxton, and Tres along with corporate clientele including Hummer, Mercedes-Benz, Motorola, Sony & more.

Elan is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and has since split his time between New York, South Florida and Los Angeles, connecting with some of the greatest musicians and artists of our time along with way. Elan brings his unique sound to all of his music – a distinct style that has helped define multiple award winning projects.

Elan began his professional career in his early teens as a sought-after DJ in the east coast underground scene, where his talents brought him nationwide attention and acclaim. Almost overnight, he began booking shows for some of the biggest names in turntablism (DJ Obert, DJ Craze, DJ Skittles, and Deisel Boy) at major venues such as Webster’s Hall and Spirit in New York City, The East and Harpers Fairy in Boston, Aka Lounge in Orlando, Higher Ground in Burlington, Va and Atlanta’s Tabernacle to name a few.
Elan has since produced for highly acclaimed clients at studio 56 in Hollywood, as well as other prestigious recording studios including Studio 56, the Record plant, Sunset Sound, Encore, Mad Dog, “Umrk”, Westlake, Cherokee, Ocean Way, Paramount, Ameraycan, Electric Lady, Quad Studios and the Hit Factory.

In 2011-12 you could find Elan working at Frank Zappa’s legendary “Umrk” Studio where Elan co/ produced, mixed and wrote for artists such as Bobby Brown, Macy Gray, Frank Zappa (Penguins In Bondage -1974 live in Chicago), DMC (Noise Revolution), Mc Lyte, India Arie, Chino Xl, Wayne Static, Matt Sorum, Simbu Str, Dirty Diamond Band and more.

Elan currently resides in Hollywood California.

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