Meet Student State Representative Britney, Be Strong’s August 2022 Student of the Month!

July 2022 Student of the Month“Mental health issues can affect anyone despite their gender, race, culture, sexuality, etc.  — but these can impact the care someone is able to receive, too. That’s why bringing awareness to this is important as we all deserve equality!”

Students across the world have had to adapt to online learning since the onset of the pandemic, but Britney — one of our newest Be Strong Student State Representatives — is a seasoned pro.

Britney first began online schooling in sixth grade and will now be a senior in high school in the fall. Her story is one of resilience and adaptation — core tenants of the Be Strong.

When she was younger, Britney was bullied because of her differences. As a child with diffabilities and health issues, she was purposefully excluded by kids at school and in her extracurricular groups.

“I was first diagnosed with Autism and speech issues around age three,” Britney said. “I live with various issues and take things one day at a time, but each day makes me stronger.”

Her experiences with bullying are what inspired her to get involved as a Be Strong Student Representative. While her journey with Be Strong has only begun, she’s off to a fast start and working to help others by sharing her story.

“I am proof that we are all different and unique, and that no matter what anyone else thinks, we are all put here for a purpose,” Britney said. “We all have our own special gifts to share with the world!”

Britney and her mom sought out support from Britney’s school as the bullying led Britney to have suicidal thoughts, but professional educators aren’t always equipped to produce the best solutions. That’s why Britney is passionate about helping Be Strong provide communities with the skills and resources to tackle challenges themselves.

“Mental health impacts a majority of people in some form,” Britney said. “It could be anxiety, depression, personality disorders, mood disorders, and more. If you live with a mental health concern and need some help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. There is no shame in getting help!”

Britney learned to thrive with opportunities to pursue learning and activities that fit her interests and talents best, including community service, pageants, and crafting original artwork.

Be Strong is the latest of Britney’s community involvement efforts. The organization’s focus on mental, emotional, and relational health resonates with Britney, as she finds new ways to help kids overcome many of the same challenges she experienced growing up.

“I know how to stand up for myself and have gotten better with time on standing up for others,” Britney said. “I am always finding new ways to help, as you can never know everything.”

As for what’s next, Britney is continuing to spread the word about Be Strong in her community. She’s working with local school principals to implement Be Strong programs and enact positive change.

“It’s time for a change!” Britney said. “We all need to stop the hate and violence and learn to love one another. We need to focus on coming together as a community and make a difference, not only for ourselves but also for the generations to follow.”

To learn more about Be Strong’s free programs, email To nominate your inspiring student to lead inclusive change, visit today.

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