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Monthly Volunteerism


As a part of the Be Strong family, you are a beacon of light within your community. Join us each month as we engage in social impact volunteerism, anchored in sustainable happiness skills like generosity, gratitude, human connection, mindfulness, positive outlook and purpose to positively impact those around us and ourselves!

This Month’s Social Impact Volunteerism

  1. Don’t let other people bring you down this month. When others don’t approve of you, use your emotional resilience. Don’t react with emotion and instead, ask them a question. Their negativity might be contagious, but your positivity is more powerful.
  2. Each day, ask a peer what they’re passionate about.
  3. Each day, give one peer the gift of listening without interrupting.
  4. Sit down and close your eyes. Starting at the top of your head, mentally scan all the way down, noticing any sensations, emotions or thoughts associated with each part of your body.
  5. Identify, focus on, and appreciate your strengths.
  6. Share why you’re passionate about helping others with (2) peers. You might be able to help them find their passion!
  • Want to share your monthly volunteerism? Tell your story on social + tag @bestrongglobal
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