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Monthly Volunteerism


As a part of the Be Strong family, you are a beacon of light within your community. Join us each month as we engage in social impact volunteerism, anchored in sustainable happiness skills like generosity, gratitude, human connection, mindfulness, positive outlook and purpose to positively impact those around us and ourselves!

This Month’s Social Impact Volunteerism

  1. POSITIVE OUTLOOK: Find a poem that inspires you. Take a meaningful section from the poem and share it with (5) people.
  2. HUMAN CONNECTION: Each day, smile at (2) people that are sitting alone, ask “how are you doing?” and genuinely listen to them.
  3. GENEROSITY: Each day, smile and wave to (2) people in your school, workplace or community.
  4. MINDFULNESS: Take a moment to yourself outside, pause, and take in your surroundings. Let your five senses take over.
  5. GRATITUDE: Before or after class/meetings, tell your teachers/co-workers one thing that you appreciate about their class/work.
  6. PURPOSE: Each week, talk with (2) peers about why the work of Be Strong matters to you and how to get involved.
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