Meet Student State Representative Nishanth, Be Strong’s October 2022 Student of the Month!

“If you like helping people, you should join Be Strong. Everyone who has a drive to help others can help through this organization, and become part of something bigger.”

Student voices matter — but unfortunately, it’s often up to students themselves to make sure their voices are heard. This Be Strong Student of the Month from Georgia stands up for himself and others using communication skills he’s learned through Be Strong.

“Being in 8th grade, sometimes parents or school leaders don’t listen to what you’re saying, and it’s easy to get frustrated,” Nishanth said. “I’ve learned how to respond and react when an adult doesn’t listen to me. That’s helped me a lot, learning how to advocate for myself.”

Nishanth has learned how to respect others’ points of view while expressing his own. His sense of independence helps him stick up for those in need around him. Nishanth’s determination to support others through bullying is one of the reasons he joined Be Strong as a representative.

“Be Strong’s mission really resonates with me because we work against bullying,” Nishanth said. “There hasn’t been one day at school where I couldn’t help a student, people are struggling everywhere.”

In addition to bullying, Nishanth sees other students struggle with mental health while dealing with school stress, social pressure, and the day-to-day struggles of being a teenager. He uses strategies from Be Strong’s toolkit to help himself and others.

“Every single person in every class will have at least one reason they’re stressed,” he said. “It’s my instinct to go help them now, whether directly or indirectly. If we’re doing a group project, I try to help them individually and relieve stress. Be Strong taught me how to get stress to go away with breathing exercises, mental breaks, and just taking things down a notch. It helps you chill out a bit.”

With a long list of extracurriculars and responsibilities, like Student Council, robotics club, and high-school level classes, free time is rare for Nishanth. He serves as a leader in his school in many capacities, but he makes time to help spread the message about Be Strong.

“I know many people want to help, but they may not know how,” Nishanth said. “Be Strong is one of the best ways you can help people at any time, in any situation. I want to get people introduced to the organization and start a stronger community.”

Nishanth knows that there’s strength in numbers, and it takes all of us to help make the world a better place. The communication skills he’s honed through three years of work with Be Strong are helping him grow his network of future leaders and world-changers.

“Communication is key, and it will help you meet other people who are similar but also different from you,” Nishanth said. “When you make friends with people who have similar traits, like the need to help people and care about others, you can make a bigger difference together. I avoid negativity and always seek out positive people.”

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