Be Strong launched a global campaign to include people from all over the world to raise their voices. Join the movement and submit your own video sharing a message to Be Strong and Stop Bullying!

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When you’re the person being bullied by others, it’s easy to think that you’re alone, isolated and incapable of making it stop. However, you’re not alone. Bullying is a global issue kids, and even adults face all over the world. In fact, millions of them joined us for the Be Strong LIVE Tour in LA in a unified message of hope and resilience.

Our message is to love everyone a bit more, and love yourself a whole lot more! Life is about making choices. While it may not be obvious to you right this minute, choosing to be strong, means you choose to let words roll off you, you refuse to get upset; you choose to love yourself when others may hate you, and you choose to treat other people the way you want to be treated.

Even when people are being cruel towards you, choose to respond as a friend would.  We are not suggesting that you have to become their friend, but choose instead to treat them with kindness.  Why?  Our biological instinct is to respond to others in kind; it’s called the law of reciprocity and here’s how it works.

When someone is mean to you, your instinctual reaction is to be mean back; if someone yells at you, your natural response is to yell back. When you are nice to someone, especially when they’re mean to you, this law of reciprocity means their incentive for treating you badly (enjoying your emotional reaction) no longer motivates them to be mean. In other words, they’ll likely stop being mean.

So, join us and Be Strong, follow your voice, choose to love yourself and others because throughout human history love has proven to overcome hate.

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