Few musicians go on to become signed to a label, let alone become stars. Even fewer acquire millions of fans before they can legally drive a car. Needless to say, pop phenom Jacob Sartorius is setting the bar high.

After teasing fans of its release date, including a billboard in Times Square, the 16 year-old singer-songwriter released a surprise EP Better With You via RCA Records in November, 2018. The emotion packed 7-track EP is dedicated to all of Jacob’s fans who have supported him over the years and waited (somewhat) patiently for new music over the past year. Fans can check out the new project here.

Be Strong student representatives with Jacob, pre-show in Columbus, OH and Little Rock, AR.

The 16 year-old entertainer has seamlessly evolved from online stardom to mainstream ubiquity by following a path of his own. Jacob has sold out tour dates across the globe in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris and more. Even more, the young star has graced the cover of Billboard Magazine, guested on HBO’s Vice News Now, NPR’s Here and Now and attracted praise from The New York Times, Billboard, Seventeen and many others, in addition to  receiving nominations at the People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Kid’s Choice Awards.

However, you can’t catch that much attention without finding yourself on the receiving end of some shade. Speaking on bullying, Jacob said, “It was just something that I faced when I went to school and I could tell that other people faced that, too. It’s just a common thing that’s upsetting to me… The things that you say do affect other people.”

Be Strong Student Rep Nasir at Sartorius concert

Student leaders hosting a Be Strong resource booth at a Sartorius concert in Washington.

Jacob has heart. With the understanding that everybody encounters social aggression somewhere, sometime, he chooses to use his voice to help, stating, “If you don’t use your platform for good, why have one?”

Outside of music, Jacob has been active in bullying-prevention work. In addition to the Ad Council’s fall campaign and a PSA with ATTN:, he is actively partnering with Be Strong to help start the conversation about bullying and its lasting effects.

Jacob has also fueled the fire within Be Strong’s Student State Representatives, surprising them with pop-up visits at local schools and facetiming them with unparalleled  encouragement. The student reps have even hosted Be Strong booths at every US tour stop, providing support and free resources for fans. Not only an advocate, Jacob is also a donor to the organization, with multiple donations throughout the partnership.

 2018 was the first year of Jacob’s partnership with Be Strong – stay tuned for what’s in store for 2019! If you want to help Be Strong and Jacob find more student leaders, the Student State Representative program is accepting nominations. To nominate an inspiring student to lead positive change through kindness and inclusion, click here.

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