From Saint Paul, meet Kayla, our Student State Representative for Minnesota and Be Strong’s December 2020 Student of the Month!

“We are all loved and we’re all in this together. We all can make this place way better.” – Kayla

A bright and positive light in her community, Kayla has found happiness in doing good in the world. Always sweet, caring, and empathetic, Kayla looks not only to do what makes her happy, but also share that happiness with those around her.

Between making food twice a week for community members experiencing homeless, small acts of kindness everywhere she goes, and speaking up for those who need her help, Kayla knows that even the smallest gestures make her community a better place. So, when she’s not playing hockey with friends or volunteering, Kayla’s looking for other ways to brighten people’s days and join in their joy. “I’m happy when others smile,” she says.

With such empathy and love for others, Kayla knows and understands what it feels like to be in pain and always looks to help people when she sees that they are struggling. She urges everyone to stand up for those who are being bullied and choose positivity instead. Kayla sees beauty in our differences, and treats everyone with love and respect because she firmly believes in equality for everyone.

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