Meet Samuel, Be Strong’s Student of the Month for January. Along with the breath of fresh air that accompanies each new year, Sam is a perfect example of the positivity we are excited to see in 2021.

In a year when forming and keeping meaningful relationships and connections were so incredibly important, Sam found that sharing kind words with his friends helped them to feel closer despite being physically separated.

“Kind words can bring people together even when we’re far apart.”

As a Filipino living on a Native American reservation, Sam finds that his exposure to different kinds of people helps him make friends. In his own way, he’s learned to ask people if they are okay and help them if they are in need.

Recently, Sam spent his free time designing and making t-shirts for community members experiencing homelessness. Each shirt not only has his own design on it, but it also encourages the people he shares them with to stay strong. This is just one way that Sam chooses to spread positivity and share his light with those around him.

A naturally caring individual, Sam’s friends describe him as funny, trustworthy, and one of a kind. Always caring for people when they are hurt or need help, Sam always looks to live a life of positivity. When asked how he feels about standing up for others, he says, “Standing up for others feels great because I am making better friends in that way. I also help my friends who are bullied by standing up for them when I speak up. I also help those who are the bullies by talking to them and telling them what is wrong or bad, and what is right or good.”

And if the entire world was listening, he would offer this piece of advice, “Believe in yourself. Stand up for yourself. Be strong, be kind, be brave, and help each other. Don’t envy when your friend has more, and don’t laugh when your enemy is down.”

And Sam’s dedication to making the world a better place by lending a helping hand and being a better friend is just what we need.

Sam with mask

Be Strong Student State Representatives choose to impact their communities in several key ways, including through kind acts. Sam recently donated hundreds of masks to a local school as a part of one of his not-so-random acts of kindness.


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