Be Strong’s Student of the Month for March 2021 is Lydia from Lincoln, Nebraska. Having only been a Student State Representative since June of 2020, Lydia has already made huge changes in her community. Since then, she has been using what she’s learned from the Be Strong program meant to identify, train, and mobilize student leaders to further impact their communities.

When asked what she does to help create a kinder environment for her peers, Lydia said that she gives back when she can, makes sure everyone is included, helps her neighbors, and stands up for others being bullied when needed.

Lydia has been dynamic in putting her learnings to action. Recently, her mother received a call from the school, stating that, at only 13 years old, her daughter had stepped in to support a peer that was being bullied. This intervention and Lydia’s kindness led to saving someone’s life.

By taking the time to listen to a peer that was contemplating dying by suicide after being bullied, Lydia was not only able to provide her friend with the loving acceptance that she needed, but was also able to help her to get the right support from the right people. Lydia’s kindness made her peer feel comfortable with speaking her truth and gave her the courage to ask for help. The student has since visited the counselor and sought out the help she needed.

“Be kind, be unique, be yourself, and don’t bully.”

Lydia’s kindness and willingness to go above and beyond to support her peers and get them the help they need is a huge testament to the power of creating safe spaces for kids and young adults. Her contributions to the world around her are invaluable, as Lydia is not only helping save lives, but leading by example and giving hope to those around her.

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