Meet Student State Representative Kiran, Be Strong’s April 2023 Student of the Month!

“We all need kindness. Having kindness is like a domino effect, you start off with kindness then it leads to trust and dependability. If we all can have kindness we can live in a peaceful world with a reduced amount of violence.”

Be Strong Student State Representative Kiran is a force for good in her community, standing up against bullying and advocating for others. This seventh grader from Richmond, Texas has made a big impact in her nine months as a Be Strong rep, working toward her vision for a better future.

“I would like to see a change in my community when it comes to emotional, relational, and mental health,” Kiran said. “Transitioning from elementary to middle school, I realized how many people were being bullied every single day — and I realized that bullying isn’t going to go away on its own.”

Bullying is an issue that affects everyone, and left unchecked it can have dire consequences in schools and communities. That’s why Kiran works to speak up and support her peers.

“It got on my nerves how every single day people not only in my school but in my community were constantly being bullied leading them to depression, suicidal thoughts, or just terrible mental health,” Kiran said. “Teachers and school staff see it but just ignore it or think nothing of it. I want to see a change not only in school but everywhere.”

Kiran leads change by standing strong in the face of bullying. She utilizes Be Strong’s programming, resources and curriculum to build confidence and learn new skills to help others.

“Through Be Strong, I have gained confidence to stick up for what I think is right and speak up when I see something that doesn’t seem right,” Kiran said. “I’ve learned not to be silent — it’s okay to let someone know when something seems wrong or IS wrong.”

This Be Strong rep takes care of those around her through actions big and small. Sometimes all it takes is one positive interaction to make a world of difference.

“I support the emotional, relational, and mental health of myself and those around me by always keeping a positive attitude when I can,” Kiran said. “Sharing a smile can make someone’s day better.”

Kiran also serves as a sounding board for her friends and peers, always a listening ear for those who need to talk.

“Being able to be there for someone when they need to talk, rant, or just need someone to listen is important,” Kiran said. “Just having someone to be able to listen to you when you just have to let it all out is sometimes nice.”

Kieren sees the Be Strong App as an important tool in her work to help others. With one-touch access to trained crisis counselors and hotlines for suicide, sexual assault, dating abuse, and drug overdose, anyone can get help at any time.

“My favorite part of the Be Strong App are the different numbers to the hotlines,” Kiran said. “There are times when I advised my friends to reach out due to some hard times they were going through.”

With resources, kindness, and the gift of friendship, Kiran exemplifies what it means to Be Strong. Her positivity is felt far and wide across her school and community as she takes action and shares words of wisdom.

“Be kind to one another. Have respect for one another. Spread kindness, because it always has a way of coming back to you.”

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