Meet Student State Representative Emily, Be Strong’s January 2023 Student of the Month!

“Everybody deserves to be happy. No matter what they’re going through, putting a smile on their face could help get them through the rest of the day.”

A little positivity goes a long way — and a lot of positivity can change the world. Be Strong Student State Representative Emily is a strong believer that positive thinking can make a world of difference in her own life and the lives of those around her.

“Through Be Strong, I have definitely learned a lot about dealing with bullying and negativity,” Emily said. “The old me would get upset and try to fight back at bullies. But now that I’ve gone through Be Strong training, I’ve gained the confidence and skills to turn a negative situation into a positive one. I try to focus on the good.”

Her positivity can be felt far and wide. Whether she’s out in her community sharing random acts of kindness or lending support to a struggling peer, Emily’s always on a mission to make an impact.

“For some of the Be Strong volunteerism activities, we’ve been going to local places and giving people compliments,” Emily said. “There was one woman I complimented, and it made such a difference that she hugged me and started crying. That was very emotional, because I could tell how much of a difference I made in whatever she was going through.”

Emily involves both members the Be Strong group she leads at school and students outside of the organization in monthly volunteerism. Emily is a second generation Be Strong rep at her school, nominated by Be Strong alumna Carissa upon graduation, and their advisor on campus. She hopes to continue growing the group to make an even greater impact in her community.

“I became a Be Strong representative because I wanted to make a difference,” Emily said. “In my childhood, I got bullied a lot — and I still do sometimes. I joined the group to learn more about resiliency, and now I want to help other people.”

Emily is especially grateful for the resources provided by the Be Strong App. With a crisis hotline available through voice call or text messaging, Be Strong is able to connect support to those struggling with a wide array of issues.

“I’ve used the hotline once myself when I needed help with my mental health,” Emily said. “There are many people who need the hotline for support. You can tell someone what you’re going through without having to identify yourself, so you feel comfortable and secure.”

The positive change enacted by Emily and her peers have proven the value of Be Strong in schools and communities across the country. With continued support, Emily and her Be Strong chapter can keep spreading smiles at every turn.

“It can be hard to be kind in this world. I’m proud of everyone who is making an effort,” Emily shared. “Even if you’re dealing with difficult people, you can make a difference in their life in a positive way.”

This 11th grader has been an agent of change in her school, but she’s not done yet. Emily has a bright plan for the future, one that scales well beyond the walls of the classroom.

“I want to see everybody get along,” Emily said. “I want there to be no violence. We should learn how to work things out peacefully with our peers, partners, and those around us. If you’re kind to someone, they’ll usually reciprocate and pass on that kindness. It’s a recurring effect that never ends.”

To learn more about Be Strong’s free programs, email To nominate a student to lead change with Be Strong’s innovative student volunteer program, visit today.

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