Many adolescents want to fly under the radar in middle school. Fortunately for Faith, Be Strong’s June Student of the Month, and her assistant principal, it was never an option! Ms. Sheffield nominated Faith to join the program because of her natural leadership qualities, eagerness, and commitment to mental health.

Faith was nominated to become a Be Strong Student Representative when she was in 6th grade so that she could grow in her role as she moves through middle school. She has built a peer impact group of 17 fellow students at her Broward County, Florida school, who engage in monthly volunteerism. She loves this group and says that, “you get to be a part of a whole new world where you can’t just push all your feelings down but instead explore them and talk about them.”

Faith has a deep commitment to helping her peers, both through her peer group and when she shares the Be Strong App with others. She says, “I have used the Be Strong app to help further educate my fellow peers on what’s healthy and what’s not and who to talk to about it.”

In addition to her work with Be Strong, Faith is a student government representative where she is described as “displays excellent character and is a pure joy to be around.” She became a Student Representative after Be Strong launched the Broward County Student Representatives Campaign in 2021. The campaign focuses on providing training and resources for student leaders like Faith in Broward County Schools, the 6th largest school district in the country, to support their peers through critical mental health issues. Faith says, “I believe I have my fellow students’ values in my heart and am willing to protect the students that can’t yet lead themselves.”

Jesula Jeannot, Be Strong Program Manager, who works with the Broward County Be Strong Representatives echoed Faith’s commitment to mental health in schools. She says, “Her understanding of the importance of creating a safe environment for her peers was truly remarkable. From the moment she joined the program, she displayed an eagerness to make a difference and took immediate action with grace and confidence.”

“Being a part of an agency like this,” Faith says, “helps you take on an important responsibility that can affect many lives in a positive way if you trust yourself and believe in yourself!”

June 2023 Student of the Month_image

Student Representative, Faith (left), with Assistant Principal Sheffield (right)

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