Meet Sara, Be Strong’s April 2024 Student of the Month from Long Island, New York!

Though only 13 years old, Sara has already endured immense challenges and demonstrated remarkable resilience. Having experienced the stress of many surgeries, extended time in hospitals, and being bullied about and physical limitations, Sara could have easily succumbed to negativity. However, she has overcome hardship with a positive spirit and choosing to believe in the goodness of others – even when they’re not at their best.

“In the past I have dealt with many struggles and have overcome them,” Sara said, reflecting on how her own experiences with bullying motivated her to join the Be Strong program. “I want to transfer that to others and help them with their health as well.”

Sara now dedicates herself to sharing the social and emotional skills she’s learned over the past year as a Be Strong Student Representative to help other students with the struggles they face.

“I believe my community needs Be Strong,” Sara explained. “Students in my school have attempted suicide and self-harmed because they don’t feel accepted. I want to help them know that they are loved and cared about.”

While Sara’s grateful for her family and friends, she recognizes that not everyone has the same support system. She dreams of a world where more people are comfortable seeking the help they may need for their mental health, so that no one suffers alone. “So many people give up or live in misery and I want that to change,” she said. “Be Strong has taught me many different skills on how to handle my own stress, but my favorite part of being a representative is helping others. I never want to see anyone in pain, physically or mentally.”

Through Be Strong, Sara has gained practical knowledge and tools to guide friends in crisis towards healthier coping strategies and outcomes. She has worked directly with school staff and her peers to share the skills she’s learned, driven by her passion for helping others. She finds that aiding fellow students brings her joy while also benefiting her own wellness.

Monthly Be Strong trainings have allowed Sara to blossom as a leader. She consistently impresses with her positive attitude and eagerness to learn. Sara actively engages with new material and isn’t afraid to ask questions or seek feedback to improve her leadership skills. It’s wonderful to see her confidence soar as she continues to embrace new challenges and opportunities for growth with enthusiasm.

Despite her youth, Sara’s resilience, compassion, and dedication to creating positive change set a powerful example.

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