Join us in celebrating Nazir, this month’s shining Student of the Month from Silver Spring, Maryland!

Since September 2022, Nazir has uplifted his community as a passionate Be Strong Student Representative. When asked if he wants to spark change in how his peers view mental, emotional, and relational health, Nazir enthusiastically said, “Yes! I want people to accept others’ differences. Who wants a box of crayons with just blue?” His spirit of inclusion inspires us.

Nazir chooses to support others daily through simple acts. Even starting a thoughtful chat can provide someone in need with a sense of belonging and lift their spirits, he says. We’re in awe of his vast knowledge that allows him to connect with people from all walks of life. Nazir also dedicates his free time to building robots with positive messages for young children to spread joy.

Standing up for others comes naturally to this change maker. As Nazir says, “Change starts with me. I can be an example for others.” We agree and are thrilled to see Nazir’s light shine even brighter!

When asked what he would tell the whole world, Nazir said, “Be the ray of light in all the darkness.” Wise words from someone so young!

Nazir initially applied to Be Strong to advocate for teen mental health, often overlooked. He wants to ensure easy access to a caring community for all, just like the one Be Strong provides. As a Student Representative, Nazir actively uses the Be Strong App to connect others to help they need and started a peer group at his high school. What started as a few friends at lunch grew into an 11-member club that gathers to learn, practice, and teach resiliency skills.

 "My favorite part of being a Be Strong representative is knowing that I am a piece of the puzzle when it comes to helping my community. I love knowing that what I do is making a change and benefiting other people.”  - Nazir 

At 17, Nazir is a high school senior ready to make waves. Let’s all celebrate this inspiring young leader and the bright light he brings to the world!

To learn more about Be Strong’s free programs, email To nominate a student to lead change with Be Strong’s innovative student volunteer program, visit today.

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