Be Strong proudly announces the release of the newly updated Be Strong app! The initial version of the app was released in 2015. This real-world, real-time tool connects young people with with resources, support, and intervention for those affected by bullying, isolation, depression, or suicide, and best practices on addressing many adversities.

While other apps that address social aggression are focused on reporting bullying, Be Strong’s app exists to put tools, resources and opportunities in the hands of users.


Be Strong is all about community. While the app, itself, connects community, it was amazing to see the power of one community serving a greater, international community. Funding for these crucial updates was provided by local partners in South Florida. Squeeze posted a match-gift – half of the total cost – to kick-start the fundraising process. Within 24 hours, other local businesses and donors came together and fully funded the project.

“Squeeze is honored to continue to come alongside Be Strong as they spread their message of hope and resiliency to so many kids.” Elias Janetis, CEO/Founder of Squeeze added, “at Squeeze, we thrive at the intersection of human solution and technology. It’s not only about having a solution, but creating the access points to obtain it. When we got the call that Be Strong needed help raising funds to updates the Be Strong app, we were happy to help, and humbled to see how our act sparked others to squeeze together and raise the match funding in one day.”

Technically Speaking

“Our goal for this release of the Be Strong App was to ensure we incorporated all of our user requests and feedback to create a better user experience with more capabilities and connect-ability. RonO Polito, Be Strong’s Chief Technology officer also noted, “the new version includes an easier experience when entering your birthdate, a help screen so users better understand how to use the app, inclusion of our student-led programs, the ability to connect with our Resilience Program and updates to our resources. In today’s fast paced, digitally engaged culture, it’s not always easy to find access to sustainable resources. That’s why we started the app and will continue to listen to our community and make meaningful updates.”

Download the Be Strong app on your device from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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