Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly! Historically, Valentine’s Day is associated with romantic love, red roses and heart-shaped balloons. That’s nice, but can leave others feeling left out of the celebration. However, it’s about more than loving any one particular person. You don’t need a significant other to express love and appreciation… even on Valentine’s Day. 

Some Problems Can’t be Solved With Chocolate – That’s Where Friends Come In

Love can be celebrated in many ways, in just as many places. Celebrate all the relationships in your life. Express your love for family, friends, teachers and neighbors by showing heartfelt admiration for them.

“Everyone needs love. Everyone deserves it.” -Reese Witherspoon. 

Pour into your relationships. Some are easier than others, namely the positive ones. Show some love to the less positive people in your life, too. People are biologically programmed for reciprocity. When you show someone love, they are more likely to show love – to you, and others. 

According to Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary, all human beings need a certain minimum quantity of regular, satisfying social interactions. An inability to meet your social quota can result in loneliness, mental distress, and a longing for fellowship. 

An influential way to showcase love is through giving. You can give of your heart, a smile, a thought, a word, appreciation, encouragement, hope and of your time. If you are a giving person, a monumental way to incorporate your passion and heart is through charity work. The act of selflessly volunteering for a charitable cause is simple but the impact is massive. 

Many people find spending quality time with family to be essential. Allowing moments with those closest to you enhances your bond with them. It provides opportunities for important lessons to be learned and values to be instilled, thus strengthening your overall connection. 

Who loves you baby? YOU DO.

Don’t underestimate the value of showing yourself love on Valentine’s Day – better yet, every day. 

Treating yourself to some “me-time” isn’t selfish; it’s actually really healthy. It can be as simple as quiet time to yourself with a good book or your favorite movie! Needing some fresh air? Head outside for a walk and take in all the natural beauty around you. Sweet tooth calling? Grab a cone of your favorite ice cream or one of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates… but watch out for the ones with the funky pink and orange filling!

Loving yourself helps you to welcome criticism because you know your worth, rather than basing it on the approval of others. Someone’s feedback, whether intended to be constructive or judgemental, doesn’t have to harsh your self-esteem’s mellow. Nobody can give to the world what you have to give.

You have to know yourself to love yourself. Accept yourself – the things you like and even the things you want to improve. In case no one ever told you, you can do anything you set your mind to. Once you accept those things and your power to change them, you become capable of  loving yourself even better. That’s a major confidence booster and spreads to your other relationships, too.

When you love yourself, you become more confident and therefore, less critical of other people. Self improvement and personal development is huge and self-love is one of the first steps to latching on to the life that you would like to live. 

Don’t Stop Now

When you live in love and with passion, you are more likely to be fulfilled, happy, healthy and appreciative of the people you encounter. 

I challenge you to keep this mindset of loving others and yourself going, every day for the rest of your life. Keep expressing appreciation, admiration and gratitude for all the awesome people you know – you’ll be glad you did.

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