From South Charleston, meet West Virginia State Rep Allie, Be Strong’s August 2018 Student of the Month!

Be Strong » August 2018 Student of the Month - Allie | At the West Virginia CapitalAllie is always on the lookout for ways to lift up others. Whether leaving notes of encouragement on each student’s desk on the first day of statewide standardized testing, writing letters to her Mayor in search of ways to volunteer locally with her friends or sitting in meetings with the County Board of Education to share what Be Strong’s programs are all about, she is paving the way for true social change. “My goal is to always be encouraging and always be kind.”

This past spring semester, Allie presented in a Kanawha County principals’ meeting to spread awareness about Be Strong and We Dine Together, and further the reach of the kindness ripple into the rest of the district’s middle schools.

Be Strong » August 2018 Student of the Month - Allie | With Governor JusticeMore recently, Allie went to speak with the assistant to West Virginia’s First Lady. While at the Governor’s office in Charleston, she had the opportunity to say hello to Governor Jim Justice and explain to him the leadership role she has taken. “I am very excited to be promoting Be Strong with our community leaders,” she said. “I love the positive approach to prevent bullying. I hope to help spread the word across our great state of West Virginia.”

Click here to meet Allie and to see how she chooses to Be Strong.

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