From Thibodaux, meet Louisiana Student State Rep Dorian, Be Strong’s April 2019 Student of the Month!

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A natural leader, Dorian’s mission is to help his fellow students and community members come together and love one another. Growing up, his friends shared stories about being bullied. This didn’t sit well with Dorian. He needed to do something and soon found himself shifting from bystander to UPstander.

Standing up for others was good, but Dorian felt the need to do more. He learned the value of community and paying it forward at a young age, therefore resolved to inspire positive change in Thibodaux and beyond.

Dorian wrote a book, titled #D.A.B. Dreamer Against Bullying, to spread awareness about bullying and invite others to change the world with kindness and respect, donating proceeds to bullying prevention organizations. He wants his peers to know that it’s okay to stand up for themselves and others who are experiencing bullying. “I just want to inspire others to do good things and let them know it is okay to speak up,” said Dorian.

His efforts reach far and wide. Dorian presents his message of kindness by speaking against bullying and performing in Louisiana schools. He also started his own clothing line, LIT – Love Involves Togetherness; and even a local bicycle club, “Youth Bikers Against Bullying.” Dorian has received two proclamations to increase public awareness about the severity of bullying, one signed by Tommy Eschete, Mayor of Thibodaux, and John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana.

Dorian in the community

Outside of working in bullying prevention, you can find Dorian and friends volunteering extensively in the local community, even beautifying Thibodaux, by planting gardens around the city.

To learn more about Dorian & the amazing work he’s doing, click here to visit his website.

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