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By: Roy Moore, CEO/Founder of Be Strong

Roy Moore | CEO & Founder » Be Strong [time's up article]Time’s Up is the catchphrase for women against sexual harassment. Women are standing as one and outing those who have used positions of power or mere circumstantial opportunities to sexually, verbally, and/or physically abuse women. But this is not just a women’s issue, it is also a men’s issue.

Fortunately, most men are not, have not, and will not be an abuser. I have had the great honor of working with men in incredibly powerful positions who would not think of abusing another and, importantly, require others on their teams to adhere to the same code of conduct.

In my work at Be Strong, a bullying prevention organization, we have invested in efforts that encourage bystanders, who observe a bullying incident, to speak up. In most cases, in intervening phrase such as “we don’t do that here” or “that’s not cool” have been shown to stop a bullying incident in a matter of seconds. But the bystander must be willing to speak up. This strategy works on our playgrounds and it will work in our offices as well. So, men, let’s speak up. Don’t remain silent when inappropriate jokes are being shared, don’t laugh at the comments about a female colleague that merely recognize her as an object, and don’t view your power as a tool to manipulate; rather, use your voice and your power for good. Speak up because Time’s Up.

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