From Pendleton, meet South Carolina Rep Dane, Be Strong’s December 2019 Student of the Month!

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“I want to make sure that my peers, along with myself, are practicing what we preach: being held accountable and making a difference in the lives of others.”  –  Dane



Dane has been a Be Strong Student Rep since October of 2018 and has welcomed the leadership role gracefully. “What I like most about being a state rep is it is a win/win. It makes me feel good helping others and it makes that person feel good to be able to rely on and trust someone, in turn gaining a friendship,” confessed Dane. After witnessing students at his school eating lunch alone, Dane took a stand against social isolation. His first order of business as a Be Strong Rep was to start a We Dine Together initiative on campus, making sure no one felt they had to hide away at lunchtime.

In his free time, Dane visits the local middle school in his area to speak about Be Strong, promote inclusion and encourage others to share their testimonies. “You never know who is struggling and you never know how you can save, impact or influence a life,” suggested Dane. You’ll also find him helping fellow students connect to a world of knowledge and free local resources, by introducing them to the Be Strong App.

Dane is a huge proponent of accountability and empathy. “It is important to practice what you preach. Monumental acts are important for the next generation to witness because it starts a ripple effect. I have a kind heart and I understand that not everyone has the same upbringing.”

Feeling very fortunate and blessed to be close to his family, Dane feels it has been an eye opener for him, in the ways that he provides service. “I have a close bond with my family. I have found that a lot of people don’t get to see or spend time with their siblings and it has helped me create a family model for those going through trying times,” explained Dane.

As a junior in high school, Dane is already keeping an eye out for future leaders to take over his kindness initiatives and the We Dine Together family once he graduates. “The main goal is not just about the school – but about the communities, neighborhoods, and South Carolina as a whole – to get the encouraging word out there.” We couldn’t have said it better than that. We are grateful to have such incredible leaders leaving their footprints on the world around them.

Click here to nominate your inspiring student to lead inclusive change as a Be Strong Student State Representative program and We Dine Together initiative.

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