From Fresno, meet California Student State Rep Ethan, Be Strong’s January 2019 Student of the Month!

Ethan - CA Student Rep Profile Image

“I choose to Be Strong in my school, community, and in the hearts of those all around me by being the best citizen and trying to lead by example at all times – no matter who’s watching.”



Ethan was Be Strong’s first California student representative to start a We Dine Together initiative on his school’s campus. Living the motto, “We’re Stronger Together,” he has pulled the members together, in order to build up a stronger team. As a guy who has never met a stranger, he’s the right person for the job. Ethan is, without a doubt, that student on campus who everyone knows – he’ll make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room.

A few months ago, it was decided that Central High needed a group dedicated to spreading mental health awareness. Ethan rose to the challenge and quickly became a link between students. He knows how to connect with students and educators and, most importantly, is always on the lookout for resources that can benefit his fellow students.

Promoting literacy at Steinbeck Elementary

Ethan and fellow student athlete Trent reading to a second grade class at Steinbeck Elementary, promoting literacy with the district’s “Athletes as Readers and Leaders” program.


Click here to meet Ethan & see the awesome work he’s doing.

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