From Conway, meet New Hampshire Student State Rep Eric, Be Strong’s May 2019 Student of the Month!

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“Change takes courage.”


Be Strong had the pleasure of meeting Eric in the spring of 2018. He is a very mature and thoughtful young person, and has proven to be highly motivated to improve the world around him. 

“I noticed that there was a disconnect among the student body, especially during the lunch blocks,” Eric said, looking back to his freshman year. “Not only with people sitting alone, but there was not a lot of interaction among students. People were more concerned with what was going on with their social media apps, opposed to interacting with their peers.”

As the sophomore class president and having known many fellow students since middle school, Eric was pretty well plugged into the social scene. He knew, however, that not every student was so fortunate. So, he began looking for ways to bring others together. 

“I decided I was going to be the person to make a change in my school.”

Eric actively sought ways to make a difference. He found a story about We Dine Together and its positive shift it in school culture around the country. Eric loved the idea of an initiative focused on inclusion and promoting a healthy social environment on campus. He knew what he needed to do. Eric quickly sprang into action, securing an educator’s nomination to become a Be Strong Student Rep, and start his own We Dine Together movement at school.

But Eric didn’t leave the rest up to chance. He reached out to the local paper and requested they run an article about the movement coming to his high school. The buzz began to build. Students, community members, and even the school’s administration took note, and rallied behind Eric’s mission to spread love and acceptance.

Since starting kindness and inclusion efforts on campus, Eric and his club have grown closer together, helped form countless unlikely friendships and built a legacy that will last for years.

It takes courage to stand up for what is right. It takes courage to go against the social norm and help others in an environment largely focused on self and popularity. Eric reminds us to be bold, to be courageous and to do everything within our power to be a light for those around us.

Be Strong is proud to recognize Eric as our May 2019 Student of the Month!

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