From Wichita Falls, meet Texas Rep Kaleb, Be Strong’s September 2020 Student of the Month!

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“Love each other, too many people hate complete strangers and this world needs love. The only thing you owe another person is compassion.” – Kaleb




Why do you choose to Be Strong? Why do you choose to be – or do – anything?

Kaleb is a friend, a son, a brother, an athlete, a role model and so much more. He chose to be each of these to the best of his ability, not because he wanted people to like him, but because he believed the people around him deserve it.

It is with deep sadness that our Be Strong family mourns the loss of one of our student leaders, Kaleb Honea, who passed away in August 2020, two weeks after a multi-vehicle accident. Kaleb would have been entering his junior year, where he was a devoted player on the varsity football team and an all-around amazing young man!

On the field, Kaleb was there for his teammates, knowing that one player will never win a team sport. Off the field is no different. We all need support, encouragement, someone to laugh with when life is good, and someone to help us rally in the face of adversity.

We asked Kaleb what standing up for someone means to him. Without hesitation, he explained, “when I stand up for someone, it’s not ‘cause I don’t know their situation, it’s because people who are defenseless and can’t protect themselves need that help to get through it. If you are getting picked on or having issues, I will help because I used to be that young child with no help and trust me, it was hard. I never had someone to help me, but you can always rely on me for any help, not with just bullies, but with homework, sports, and much more. Even if I don’t know the sport, I’ll try to learn it and to know it, if it will make you better and feel better at the end of the day.”

Kaleb radiated selflessness, kindness and positivity. He passed away in August 2020, following a multi-vehicle accident. His fellow student leaders and our Be Strong community are inspired to continue his legacy alongside his mother, Amanda.

“For 16 years, you put light back into my world. And, in the last 16 days, you have changed so many hearts, lives and souls. I will forever be your biggest fan and I will always love you, my sweet baby K. I have heard about you being the best friend, co-worker, student, athlete, brother, mentor, and person so many people came in contact with.” – Amanda

As Be Strong is a community, a tribe, a team, we move together. For the next 42 days, we will act with compassion, kindness, purpose, generosity, love, mindfulness, seeking human connection with hearts of gratitude to ourselves, our community and strangers, in honor of Be Strong student leader, Kaleb Honea.

We enlisted the help of another Be Strong Student Representative and recent high school graduate, Lauren Wagner, to honor Kaleb and his legacy of putting others first.

“I wanted to get involved in this project, because my cousin Hallie passed away in early May of this year. She was 20 and had no prior health complications. We still don’t know what happened to her. I sort of became a recluse after that, and I haven’t talked to many people voluntarily since. Seeing the post made on the Be Strong page about Kaleb, I felt like it was a sign that it was time to re-involve myself in Be Strong, if nothing else, to help honor his memory, because I know how it feels to have an unexpected passing like that. I felt very unhelpful when Hallie passed because I didn’t feel like there was anything I could do. Now that there’s something I can do in a separate instance, I want to do anything I can.” – Lauren, Be Strong Student Representative Alum

Will you join us in continuing the amazing kindness that Kaleb Honea has brought to our world by participating in 42 days of acts that Kaleb inspired?

Click here to download your 42 daily acts of kindness. Don’t forget to share them on social – #Kindness4Kaleb42

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