From Salina, meet Kansas student leader Deliliah, Be Strong’s August 2021 Student of the Month!

Be Strong's August 2021 Student of the Month, Deliliah


“People often just need a friend. I am that friend, and they can count on me.”


Anything Deliliah does, she does at full speed. Whether it’s running a cross country race, organizing a kindness challenge at her school or making new friends, this Kansas Be Strong Student State Representative gives her best every time.

“I try my best at everything I do and put all my effort into it,” Deliliah said. “I choose to be strong by being myself.”

For Deliliah, being herself means being a friend to anyone. As the sister of two special needs boys in her adoptive family, Deliliah has learned that friendship and kindness can take many forms.

“In school or anywhere I go in life, I make sure everyone is safe,” she said. “I’ll be a friend to everyone and stand up for those who need help. It may be that they’re being bullied or they just need help through the door or up the stairs.”

Deliliah’s commitment to kindness goes beyond the everyday. In addition to serving as a role model at school, she carries out large-scale projects to help those who need it most. Each year, Deliliah puts together a team for a local charity 5K. And while this track star enjoys getting out for a run, it’s helping others that gets her going.

One of many examples of her commitment, Deliliah has even customized her running gear with Be Strong messaging. Using the clothes she trains in to further advocate for her amazing work with the organization, she makes each step she takes count that much more.

“Spreading kindness is beneficial to both you and the recipients of your kindness,” Deliliah said. “Your kindness produces a ripple effect, which can branch into an entire network of positivity.”

Deliliah organized the largest team in this year’s 5K race in honor of her classmate fighting cancer. It’s safe to say that when she sets her mind to something, she’s ready to go all-out in pursuit of her goals.

Deliliah also knows that kindness is rooted in equality. It’s important to treat people equally and make sure everyone has access to the same advantages, so every person has equal opportunity.

“We all came from the same start in life and we all will have the same end in life,” Deliliah explained. “What we make of our lives depends on us, so get out there, be yourself. Be kind, be respectful, and live life loving each other.”

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