“I have to be strong in order to help those who are not.”



Jamaya, Be Strong’s Student of the Month for February, is making great strides in her community. Described as someone with an amazing heart, Jamaya helps anyone in need. She is calm, considerate, and has a depth of understanding that helps her see that everyone has a unique perspective. Jamaya gives her time and energy to every community service project that she can be involved with, preferring to lead by serving others. Even when she is not asked to help, she selflessly supports her peers when they need it.

Jamaya joined the Be Strong family last year, becoming a Student State Representative in July. Quickly finding herself armed with new knowledge and ideas and further motivated by witnessing the mental health challenges experienced by her friends, she began to think of ways that she could continue to help long term. As a young woman with big dreams, Jamaya has been spending her free time researching how to one day start her own non-profit organization. Her empathy for her peers has influenced her goal to raise awareness and support to those who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

“I want it to be focused on depression and suicide because I know there are so many kids around my age that suffer. I have had friends that had depression and suicidal thoughts because of a traumatic event that happened in their lives.”

Jamaya makes herself available for her friends and supports them through their struggles. When Jamaya’s friends experience depression, anxiety or thoughts of suicide, she makes the conscious effort to reach out on a daily basis to say, ‘You are worth it.’ ‘You are meant to be here.’ Jamaya knows that little things make a huge difference. She knows she has to be strong in order to help those who are not – and that is why she is our Student of the Month.

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