May 2021 Student of the Month Kaleb

Kaleb is an avid hockey player who loves to coach younger athletes, building both their hockey and happiness skills.

“Be Strong and be inclusive.”

Kaleb is our May 2021 Student of the Month, as well as Be Strong’s first Student State Representative from Bellingham, Washington. Being biracial, Kaleb has a deep understanding of how the pursuit of equity affects the daily lives of those around him. So, from his early years, Kaleb has made it his mission to work towards achieving progress in his community.

To help create a kinder and more loving environment, Kaleb takes it upon himself to educate his peers about how to be more inclusive. Just recently, he created a poster with an equity flag and highlighted how inclusive and gender-neutral pronouns can make a huge difference in making the people around you feel welcome.

Not a stranger to having meaningful conversations, Kaleb knows that providing people with the right resources can help us take better care of each other. So, he has also written a letter to Jay Inslee, his local Governor, to advocate for saving and allocating sufficient funding in order to better support healthcare workers amidst the ongoing pandemic.

In his nomination to become a Be Strong Student State Representative, we were told that Kaleb has ‘advocated for dignity and equitable practices for persons of color in schools since second grade.’ In a recent challenge, Kaleb talks about the difference of equality vs. equity. He goes on to explain how equality provides everyone with equal resources, but equity acknowledges that not everyone is starting at the same place. So, Kaleb strives for an equitable environment where everyone has the opportunity to reach an equal outcome.

Kaleb is a perfect example of pulling from your own experiences and educating yourself and your peers so that we can take meaningful collective action.

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