Meet Student State Representative Myazaria, Be Strong’s May 2022 Student of the Month!

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“Standing up for others is so important to me because some people may not feel like they have a voice. I want to be a voice for anxious, nervous, and shy people out there. Every person is so amazing, they just might be misunderstood or overlooked.”

Cyberbullying has been a widespread issue for decades now — but when students switched to online learning at the onset of Covid-19, cyberbullying got even worse for many students, including Be Strong Student State Representative Myazaria.

“While we were all staying home at the beginning of the pandemic, people started using more technology than they’re used to,” Myazaria said. “It resulted in a lot more cyberbullying and people bothering others online, and that was a big problem; it still is now.”

Despite facing difficult times at school and with her peers, Myazaria doesn’t let bullying get her down. Her attitude is one of steadfast hopefulness.

“I’m optimistic, confident and friendly,” Myazaria said. “I could change someone’s mood just by smiling at them. I love to share my positivity with others, and I really want everyone to feel included and know that they have a safe space to be themselves no matter what.”

Myazaria became a Be Strong Representative in October 2020 because she saw the need for increased resilience, spreading positivity, and strengthening community in schools.

“The Be Strong program teaches that there are people who we need to speak up for, voices that can’t yet speak for themselves,” Myazaria said. “Now that I’m in a better place, I can help take care of others using skills and resources I’ve learned from Be Strong.”

Those who have met her can attest that Myazaria is akin to a ray of sunshine — always spreading light with her consistent positivity. Whether it’s through acts of kindness, volunteerism, or engaging students who are otherwise excluded, this Be Strong Rep takes it upon herself to boost the mood of anyone she comes across.

“If there’s a kid in one of my classes who doesn’t talk much or seems like they’re having a rough day, I always try to engage them in conversations or give them a compliment to brighten their day,” Myazaria said. “It doesn’t take much — just saying hello or telling someone their shoes are cool or asking them a question about themselves shows that person that someone cares about them.”

As our May 2022 Student of the Month wraps up 11th grade, she looks to the future with hopes of leadership. As she visits colleges, Myazaria hopes to be her own boss someday, using her love for history and government studies.

“Knowing the ‘why’ behind the way things are is so important,” Myazaria said. “I want to be able to help people in tough situations by having the knowledge of what’s going on. Knowledge is everything and it’s the key to change.”

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