Meet Student State Representative Ben, Be Strong’s August 2023 Student of the Month!

As students head back to school this fall, it can seem like a never ending to-do list to get them ready. New notebooks? Check. Fresh pack of pencils? Check. Developing a peer group that supports emotional and mental health? For Be Strong student of the month, Ben, the answer would be a resounding “check.”

Ben, an 11th grader from Sacramento, California, is working hard to implement a peer group in his school by using the Be Strong App to organize and plan meetings at his school. He said, “I think bringing the Be Strong ideals and knowledge to my school is very important, and a great way to begin the shift in mentality surrounding the understanding, and state of the social environment here.”

While Ben is working diligently to get his peer group off the ground, he is noticing that students want to be involved in such important work. “I didn’t think it would happen so fast, but I think other students also wanted to join the efforts and learn, so I also felt appreciative of their interest.” He is looking forward to adding more members and planning fun events.

Ben became a part of Be Strong because he didn’t feel like he had a support group and was experiencing social isolation. He said, “I feel much embarrassment, social anxiety, and fear comes from making (perceived) mistakes or not being accepted by others around us. So, my goal is to make my environment more supportive and forgiving.”

Ben’s contagious enthusiasm and empathy paired with the tools that Be Strong offers will surely help others. “I think everyone can benefit from the ideals Be Strong advocates for and teaches. It is a great organization because it includes knowledge about change and success in both school and social environments.”

With his profound positive outlook and strong desire to make a difference, the new school year is bound to be exceptional for Ben!

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