Meet Student State Representative Eliza, Be Strong’s September 2023 Student of the Month!

Not every 13-year-old takes their mental health into their own hands, but Be Strong September Student of the Month, Eliza does. Recently Eliza received an anxiety and ADHD diagnosis, but it did not set her back at all. She knew that the Be Strong App would give her the tools and the network to work through her diagnosis. She said, “I heard that Be Strong would help you figure out how to deal with that and I also wanted to help my friends with what they are dealing with.” She uses the app to calm herself down, deal with difficult situations with peers, and locate resources to help others.

Don’t let her fool you, though. Eliza, an 8th grader from Wahiawa, Hawaii, is a walking resource herself! She follows three self-directives in her daily life: first, she strives to include everyone in social settings. Second, when she sees someone sad or lonely, she does her best to cheer them up. Finally, she is mindful to take into account others’ differences and experiences. Eliza said, “To support my own health in these three areas, I am learning to practice mindfulness and know when I need a break or to talk to someone about how I’m feeling.”

Eliza has just what it takes to bring Be Strong to her school and she has plans for starting an affinity group this fall! In the meantime, adults in her life notice that she uses her voice to uplift and empower, creating a positive impact within our community. Her enthusiasm and empathy are qualities that contribute greatly to Be Strong’s shared goals.

“We need to support each other, stand up for each other, and listen to what others have to say. Be kind, even when others are not kind first, and never be mean,” she said. “Be strong and brave, and always stand up for what you believe is right!”

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