It is with deep sadness that our Be Strong family mourns the loss of one of our student leaders, Kaleb Honea, who passed away yesterday morning, two weeks after a multi-vehicle accident. Kaleb would have been entering his junior year, where he was a devoted player on the varsity football team and an all-around amazing young man!

After student representatives are nominated, we ask them key questions during the interview process which give us insight into their heart and desire to lead with compassion. Below, we’ve shared Kaleb’s responses to those questions. His words are powerful, moving and determined.

How do you choose to Be Strong?

“I try to Be Strong to show people I care. I show interest and that I can be next to them. Their positive energy, and helping them feel that, motivates me every day to keep it up and help them, because I would want someone to help me through what I go through if I was sad all the time, too. I like that they look up to me, I want to always be someone they can come to when they are sad. I never want to see someone hurt because they are down.”

How do you feel about standing up for others?

“When I stand up for someone, it’s not ‘cause I don’t know their situation, it’s because people who are defenseless and can’t protect themselves need that help to get through it. If you are getting picked on or having issues, I will help because I used to be that young child with no help and trust me, it was hard. I never had someone to help me, but you can always rely on me for any help, not with just bullies, but with homework, sports, and much more. Even if I don’t know the sport, I’ll try to learn it and to know it, if it will make you better and feel better at the end of the day.”

If the entire world was listening, what would you tell them?

“I would tell them to keep trying to be good people, no matter the obstacle. If you want to be better as a human and want to succeed, you have to keep going and give effort that people deserve and would wanna give to try to be a king. It’s a hard grind but in the end, it will pay off from the respect and hard work you gave, to put you where you are now. Love each other, too many people hate complete strangers and this world needs love. The only thing you owe another person is compassion.”

 Kaleb on the field with the W.E. Rider Raiders' 2019 Championship trophy

Kaleb is known throughout his Texoma community as a truly selfless champion for those around him. His mother, Amanda, shared, “He always thought about other people first. He plays football for our high school and will spend his free time in this Texas heat playing with other kids; hyping them up about how great they are doing and teaching them to see themselves as stars.”

Following the accident, Kaleb’s family has been showered with stories of how he prioritized and helped others – many they had not heard before – from his teammates, coworkers, neighbors and even community members they’d not yet met.

“I know, whatever I do, my son has changed the world. He has had people who never pray do so. He has had strangers come together. Kaleb has marked the world, and whether he is my living, walking, talking miracle, or he lives on as others’ miracles… people across the world know my baby.”

For his final expression of kindness, Kaleb has donated his organs, in order to save and prolong the lives of others. His selflessness lives on through that act, and the countless cherished memories of those he spent his life loving, mentoring, befriending and impacting.

 Kaleb, leader on and off the field

Kaleb’s mother has asked the world to spread kindness on behalf of Kaleb. She has asked that we all do something kind and not expect anything in return. Share your stories of kindness for Kaleb by using #ShowKindness4Kaleb



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