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Since 2016, KidGuard’s Grants Program has awarded 24 nonprofit organizations an accumulated total of $35,000. Because of the successes, KidGuard is continuing their Grants Program for the 3rd consecutive and will award up to $10,000 this year. This initiative intends to support organizations that align with KidGuard’s mission to protect children from digital threats and aide in parental education of online risks as well as to support and partner with nonprofit organizations around the world.

KidGuard is a leader in mobile monitoring technology, providing parents with a tool to monitor their child’s online interaction and stay involved in their child’s life online. The mission of the KidGuard team is to protect children online by bringing awareness and inspiring solutions to prominent issues such as cyber-bullying, child abduction, and sexual predators.

“By working with nonprofits around the world, we are able to reach out to more communities and parents, letting them know about the various online threats and risks that every child with access to a mobile device may face,” said Lawrence Ng, founder of KidGuard. “Instances of cyber-crimes against children are rising each year as the average age of children who use mobile phones decrease. Digital threats can easily be overlooked by parents purely because they don’t have the time or means to access their child’s mobile activity. We want to let parents know that they can become a proactive part of their children’s life and intervene when appropriate. KidGuard can provide parents with the necessary tools to do so.”

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KidGuard is a new cell phone monitoring software that gives parents the ability to access their child’s text messages, digital interactions, as well as know their child’s phone location. These capabilities equip parents with the right tools to protect their children from cyber bullying, sexual predators and other threats to their well- being. KidGuard, founded by Lawrence Ng, a successful serial entrepreneur with deep technology experience, is a portfolio company of OnRamp Fund, a global incubator that invests in startups. For more information, contact us at 888.481.0881 or go to:

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