By Eric Hodgdon

I used to give myself about the first three weeks of the new year to “get acquainted” with what the year would be like. And, as usual, anything I planned went by the wayside pretty quickly. Lately, I’ve heard from some friends say that they are glad that 2017 is coming to a close. “It’s been the most difficult year, ever!” Or, “I didn’t accomplish anything I set out to accomplish.” Even, “2018 better not be like 2017!” Look, I’ll admit, 2017 was a roller coaster for me and my family in many ways. Then again, I can’t remember any year I’ve lived through as being easy to navigate. Here’s the thing – That is life. It doesn’t get easier, we get better.

So, for 2018, instead of focusing on just the first few weeks of the year and trying to keep up with any resolutions, I’ll be thinking about what I’ll be celebrating at the end of 2018.

For starters, I’ll be more mindful of the year as a whole – to try and see a bigger picture of what the year will be like. I’ll also think about my approach to the other people in my life as I navigate the upcoming year. Knowing that we are a sum of the five people we hang around most – who can I connect with that will truly support me?

Next, what outcome am I predicting to have at the end of 2018? In other words, what does that world look like that doesn’t yet exist – Where am I living? Who am I spending my time with? What value have I added to this world? What have I done for others that has built them up?

And, lastly, just like 2017, I am accepting that it won’t be easy. You see, I’d rather go into 2018 with the knowledge that while difficult times may come at me, I’ll be more prepared rather than surprised. Meaning, I’ll probably get bumped, but I won’t get knocked over. Here’s to a tremendous 2018. What will you be celebrating at the end of the year?

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