One of the best ways we can help to heal depression, in ourselves or in others, is by choosing to be a positive force in the world, even when we feel like isolating ourselves in negative and destructive thought patterns. Depression is a battle that wages in the mind.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, the world’s leading approach to treating depression, emphasizes transforming one’s negative thoughts, words and actions as the best way to transform one’s feelings.

We can’t change our feelings by flipping a switch. However, we can change our thoughts, words and actions fairly easily. As we commit to thinking positive thoughts, saying positive words and treating others in a positive way, our feelings follow. It’s quite remarkable how this works.

It’s important to acknowledge that there are times when someone fighting depression needs to see a psychologist for therapy or a psychiatrist for medication. No one should ever feel shame for seeking help.  Depression can be an incredibly complicated and multilayered problem. However, experts say we can do a number of positive things to keep our mind in a positive state and avoid the trap of depression.

For example, an emotionally healthy person eats healthy, exercises regularly, engages in fun with friends, expresses themselves creatively, makes goals and strives to achieve them. 

An emotionally unhealthy person may eat poorly, not exercise, isolate themselves from others, and not work towards achieving anything.

All of us must take personal responsibility for how we think and feel and stop blaming our problems on others. If we struggle with depression, it’s important tell someone, then to find and work with a professional counselor that will help us look at our thoughts, words, and behavior in order to transform our feelings.

Our feelings often lie to us. Just because we feel something doesn’t mean it’s true. If we find ourselves using words like “never” and “always,” that’s a good sign that our feelings are lying to us.  We might say, “my life will never get better,” or, “people are always mean to me.”

These negative thought patterns literally release neurological chemicals in our brain that directly affect our feelings and overall motivation to live. Thoughts are powerful and the sooner we learn how to change our negative thought patterns, the sooner we can begin to enjoy everyday life!

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