Meet Zoie, Be Strong’s December 2023 Student of the Month!

A black belt in Taekwondo, 14-year-old Zoie certainly does not seem as if she has problems with confidence. In 2020, Zoie’s aunt learned about Be Strong through a social media post and felt that Zoie, who was struggling at the time, might be interested in learning more about emotional health, and little things she can do to strengthen that. Zoie says, “I believe my community needs Be Strong because everyone needs someone to be their support and strength sometimes. No one is perfect, and it’s important to know that it’s okay to ask for help.”

The High Point, North Carolina, freshman does everything in her power to help those around her, both in her school and church communities. In her spare time, Zoie can be found volunteering, not only by serving food for the unhoused, participating in clothing drives and mentoring younger children, but by seeking out ways to impact the people around her in other ways.

Zoie prioritizes serving her peers by sharing strategies she has learned as a Student Representative at Be Strong. She has shared the Be Strong App with many of her classmates who needed some support. “It makes me really happy to share a huge part of my life with others,” she says.

Zoie also champions using the Be Strong App to combat the negative side effects social media has on fellow students. She says, “I want to see a change in the mental space of kids of all age groups. I believe that social media has negatively affected our mental state because sometimes we unconsciously compare ourselves to others who appear to have a better life than ours. I want everyone to learn how to love themselves for who they are.”

While she is certainly gaining the confidence she once lacked, Zoie is building others up as well. “I feel that everyone has a voice and some people may need help to express and uncover it,” she says.

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