February 2024 Student of the Month_profile imageDoug Larson once said, “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” To that end, Be Strong’s February Student Representative of the month, Akira, is the wisest when it comes to listening. While she is working to initiate a formal Be Strong peer group at her school, she is filling the need by being a good listener to her peers and directs them to helpful resources.

“I am told I am sensitive and tend to be really kind to the kids around me who might be having a bad day,” she said.

Akira joined Be Strong because she was troubled by the mental health challenges she saw around her. She understood that sometimes adults might not immediately see the issues, but that peers are first in the line of action. She said, “Peers, kids, friends might be able to see the help they need and they were directed to me, and I was able to get them to the help they needed.”

Be Strong Program Manager, Jesula, notes that Akira is an optimistic representative who believes in the best of her community. She approaches each training session with eagerness and enthusiasm and participates by sharing her experience and insights with the group.

Jesula said, “With her compassion, determination, and positive outlook, Akira is undoubtedly a beacon of hope and support in her community, and I have no doubt that she will continue to inspire others as she embarks on her journey into high school.”

In addition to her success in school and at Be Strong, Akira also volunteers in her community by washing laundry for those who do not have access to those resources.

Jesula notes, “Akira’s vision for emotional, mental, and relational health in her community is one of happiness, comfort, and improved communication, particularly between young people and trusted adults.”

“I am committed to helping others and being a great leader, best I can be,” Akira promises!

To learn more about Be Strong’s free programs, email getstarted@bestrong.org. To nominate a student to lead change with Be Strong’s innovative student volunteer program, visit nominate.bestrong.global today.

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