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State Representative Lily S.

“I have always strived for the spread of equality & inclusiveness. This is why I planned a prom for students with disabilities”


Why Lily was Nominated:

I would like to nominate junior Lily for the Be Strong award.  From the 3rd grade Lily has had a passion for helping students with special needs.  She has just the right balance between compassion and empathy and expectations for advocacy and independence.  Last year Lily planed Bloom, a prom in support of students with disabilities and their peer mentors which was held at Sandra Day O’Connor High School on Friday, April 29th. The mission was for all students to have equal opportunities to participate in high school life. Bloom was a great way for both students with disabilities and student mentors to share in the fun experience of a high school prom in a comfortable and supported environment.  Over 50 students from three district high schools joined together for this exciting event.  Lily gathered donations from community businesses including pizzas, a photography session with a complimentary 5X7 print for each student from a local photography, desserts and snacks from a community bakery. Lily coordinated 50 student volunteers, transportation from the visiting schools, hair and make-up and special touches like flower hair clips, and corsages. A local church youth leader was the DJ for the event in the gym which was filled with tables decorated with fresh flowers in the Bloom theme. Everyone was out on the dance floor having a blast!  Lily has a heart for service and helping others, this project made her grow and everyone involved BLOOM!

My Community Voice

Below is a collection of my community engagement and random acts of kindness.  Help me to get the word out and share this with your friends.

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