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State Representative Victoria F.

“It’s amazing how a little act of kindness can go a long way”


Why Victoria F. was Nominated:

I am one of the school counselors and I am nominating Victoria. Victoria is one of the strongest girls I have worked with. She has dealt with a lot of challenges in her life, and unfortunately she has experienced a lot ofbullying in middle and high school. She fought through this time with help from counselors and her family, and she is doing extremely well her senior year. She had straight A’s her first semester and she isworking on programs within and outside ofschool to help empower others who have experience bullying. She is a perfect example of a “champion for change in our community” and I am proud tobe her counselor!!

My Community Voice

Below is a collection of my community engagement and random acts of kindness.  Help me to get the word out and share this with your friends.

State Representative Marissa M.

“I’m a proud Be Strong Leader.”


Why Marissa M. was Nominated:

Marissa joined the organization last year while she was in the fourth grade. She assisted two sixth grade students with an after school program for eight weeks, educating students in kindergarten through sixth grade about the types of bullying, ways we can handle various situations, etc. This year, Marissa helped toorganize a One Legat a Time week focusing onbeing your own superhero, celebrating cultures, wearing colors that represent you, mixing and matching while not caring what others think and ofcourse offering students the chance to wear black and green to show support against our cause. She also organizes and leads an after school program this year for students in kindergarten through sixth grade, extending itto ten weeks. Although Marissa has not been bullied herself, she has had people be mean and rude to her. She knows how to think through situations and prevents circumstances from turning into bullying. As a close observer to those around her, she sees that this is not easy for everyone. She is secure instanding up for others and feels comfortable relying on trusted adults to follow through on situations. I am amazed at the commitment she has toward the program. She is great with managing her time, communicating, organizing, presenting, and remaining on the same level as those she educates, all while having fun. I highly nominate my student, Marissa, for Champions of Change.

My Community Voice

Below is a collection of my community engagement and random acts of kindness.  Help me to get the word out and share this with your friends.

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Fear tells us that we’re about to go through something difficult without guidance, and that we are alone. It tells us we won’t make it through to the other side. And, most of all, when a glimmer of light does show up as hope, fear is right there to tell us it’s not worth moving towards. Fear loves it when we don’t move.

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