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State Representative Nicholas C.

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“I want more, I want students to stand up when they see or hear bullying. I encourage my peers to “stand up” against bullying.”

– Nicholas

Why Nicholas C. was Nominated:

Nick came into my office as a sad 6th grader. Students were laughing at him and calling him fatso and tubby. Together we talked to the students who were humiliating him. They fessed up and said that they would stop. Nick was happy with the results but wanted more. He wanted students to stand up when they saw orheard bullying. Because of Nick’s passion, we started an anti-bullying group. Wemade a survey for the students and tallied the results. We put together a student led assembly and Nick Clay was one of the guest speakers. He shared his story and encouraged his peers to “stand up” against bullying. Nick took his situation and made LaVenture a better place to be.

My Community Voice

Below is a collection of my community engagement and random acts of kindness.  Help me to get the word out and share this with your friends.

State Representative Nasir A.

Nasir - Washington Student Rep Profile Image

“One way I choose to Be Strong is helping people in my community and school who are getting bullied or at risk of being a bully and letting them come together and share their stories and build friendships.”


Why Nasir A. was Nominated:

I would like to nominate Nasir Andrews as a Be Strong Student Rep for Washington. She is an amazing young lady with a heart of gold. Nasir has shown great passion for helping other who have been singled out. Knowing what it feels like to be bullied, she wants to help others from feeling what she felt. Nasir also realizes bullies need to be shown love too and wants to create a community where everyone can come together and build friendships.

My Community Voice

Below is a collection of my community engagement and random acts of kindness.  Help me to get the word out and share this with your friends.

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