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State Representative Grace H.

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“Through games we blur the lines of race, gender and religion. When we play games we forget the pressure of socials norms. We bring social change everywhere we go… I am, WE are, Be Strong!”


Why Grace H. was Nominated:

Grace has been one of the students leading a student developed & lead program called “Break the Hate Habit Project”. Break The Hate Habit is an experiential and service learning project that teaches young adults to be leaders, who will then use dynamic theater techniques with diverse groups to create positive communities where connection is key. These students have and continue to rebuild youth culture so it is not one of bullying and negative competition. These students have raised their own self-awareness through a constant process of leading, mentoring and sharing. They have worked to interact in positive ways where the students they teach are not constantly tearing each other down. These students have worked with a variety of populations in Racine, Kenosha, throughout Wisconsin and at the International Thespian Society Festival.

My Community Voice

Below is a collection of my community engagement and random acts of kindness.  Help me to get the word out and share this with your friends.

State Representative Alex H.

Alex - Wisconsin Student Rep Profile Image

“I found my inner strength within myself by being myself. I want my peers to do the same.”


Why Alex H. was Nominated:

I am nominating Alex Hart-Upendo for the Be Strong Student State Representative program. Alex was bullied because of his intelligence & for experiencing homelessness. He chose to rise up and help others. On top of running his own custom bowtie company and charity, Alex tours our state schools to speak about his experience with and to bring awareness to bullying. He also published a book called Bullies, bowties and brilliant Alex that tells his story. Alex hopes to inspire other children to be themselves and do their best. He is truly selfless and I know he will be an amazing addition to your program.

My Community Voice

Below is a collection of my community engagement and random acts of kindness.  Help me to get the word out and share this with your friends.

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