By Eric Hodgdon

Last November I was hoping that we’d have a mild winter. I am not a fan of the cold weather and frankly I am considering moving to a warmer climate sometime in the future. Since this was not an option in late fall, I hunkered down, only to watch nature sleep it off over the long cold winter.

But lately, I’ve also been restless. How hard has it been to move through this winter? It seemed the cold and especially the snow was relentless. I was beginning to feel like I had had enough and was wondering if we would ever see Spring. Sometimes, just when it seems like something won’t end, or that we are stuck in the same place, things do change.

Then this past Sunday happened. Then yesterday happened, and tomorrow will happen.
So, what about today? If we stop to spend time in the present, to see what is gifted to us, and to see that life will always emerge from cold, dark times, it not only renews the environment, it renews and re-energizes us.

Life goes on – It always will. What will you notice today that you have missed previously?


Photo courtesy of Eric Hodgdon

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