By Scott Colby

In my last couple of posts (How Daily Gratitude Can Change Your Life & Seven Simple Ways to Make Gratitude a Part of Your Day), I discussed creating a gratitude habit and different ways to express gratitude. Once you’ve established a daily gratitude habit, be sure to fuel that habit. We’re going to have bad days or bad situations from time to time. That’s unavoidable. So, how can we use gratitude to help out during the times where you’re feeling a little down?

Have you ever struggled with self-doubt or just felt like you were stuck in a rut?

Of course you have! We all have. Life is such a roller coaster ride. One day you’re on top, with everything going your way. And the very next day, it can all come crashing down. Anxiety about life sets in and you’re riddled with worry, depression, and self-doubt. It’s awful… but it doesn’t have to be.

My friend Yasmin Nguyen likes the concept of using a simple jar as a vessel to fuel some positivity into a bad day. Take a little tablet of sticky notes and carry it with you every day. When something positive happens, write it down, and put it in the jar.

It can be anything — having an inspiring conversation, feeling refreshed by the scenery on a hike, finishing a project at work, or receiving – or writing – a thank you card. Record every win from your day, no matter how big or small.

Then, when you’re having a rough day — and you WILL have rough days — take a few notes out from your jar and read them. Believe it or not, these  small reminders of things that went right will provide an instant boost in confidence and self-esteem. In no time, you’ll feel your self-empowering, positive attitude returning.

What about those situations that pop up each day, such as being stuck in traffic? My friend Kevin Clayson talks about flipping the gratitude switch — finding the awesomeness in bad situations. How do you find awesomeness in being stuck in traffic on your way to work? Well, for starters, at least you have a car. Many people don’t, and have to rely on the bus or walking everywhere. Be grateful that you have a car. At least you have a job to go to. Some people don’t have jobs and struggle to put food on their plates, or are experiencing homelessness. Be grateful for all that you have. In Kevin’s words, “You’ll never get what you want if you can’t be thankful for what you’ve got!”

When you put things in perspective, it becomes much easier to find your gratitude, even in bad situations.


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